The payment by WeChat is already beating AliPay ?

Increase the commitment of WeChat

Time spent on WeChat is increasing year by year.

















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The number of users who use WeChat less than 5 times per day decreased to 11% (against 17% last year), while the number of users who use this app more than 50 times per day increased to 21% (against 16.5% last year).



















There are two daily activities, which are the most popular : navigation and sharing moments, which represent 58 and 53.5% of respondents.
Reading the contents of public accounts is also a popular trend, with 40% of respondents indicating they do it every day.
Mobile payment and remittances are also daily activities for about a third of respondents.
Nevertheless, the social e-commerce and games are much more marginal, is a daily activity for only 6.4% of respondents.


WeChat: Payment leader by P2P transfers

In China, some interesting trends are identified in the payment usage patterns WeChat and Alipay.















With its convenient interface and its social orientation, WeChat has managed to take control of Alipay through P2P transfers, with 46% of respondents stating that they use for their WePay P2P transfers (against only 31% for Alipay).
Nevertheless, the financial payment and bill paying are two areas where Alipay remains largely dominant in the market, with 3 times the amount of respondents WeChat Payment.


The most committed people in payments

Strong concentration of mobile payment users between 21 and 39 years.


















The power of red envelopes

Why transfer P2P does not significantly surpass any other payment category WeChat? It is of course the extreme success of the Chinese New Year: WeChat is responsible for the red envelopes. Thus, 8 billion “red envelopes” were sent on WeChat during the Chinese New Year. In 2015, “only” 240 million red envelopes were exchanged via Alipay, against 1 billion via WeChat.


















Sending money via WeChat is indeed the use of principal payment.


The rise of WeChat as the number one marketing tool




















WeChat is now the n°1 tool for marketers in China to reach their audience.