Do expats are more active than Chinese market on Wechat ? 


Nowadays, Wechat is the lagest message mobile app in China with over 600 million of registered account and 400 million of active users monthly. The app takes a huge part of Chinese people life. Indeed, they are totally in love with their smartphone and want to find more authenticity and innovation when they are browsering.Hand holding smart phone with abstract glowing lines concept

That’s why, the mobile app holds many features which offer more comfort and entertaining to users such as Wechat Wallet, Wechat payment, Wechat moment, many apps and gamings such as “Hongbao”.

Also, these function allow companies to promote their brands by launching campaign, set up events, publish contents or attractive ads.

Therefore, Chinese users are not only people to be fond of the mobile app. Indeed, China have welcomed 800 000 expats incluing Korean, American, Japenese, French and even more who have uploaded Wechat too ! Chinese cities which attract expatriates have different impact on their skills and expectations regarding the app.


Moreover, while expats’ community is smaller (46.31%) than Chinese one (60%), the privacy is more important whithin this little groupe because they support each other to survive in China. However, expats use less Wechat moment than Chinese users especially because foreign people don’t really know this feature and don’t have friends enough on the platform. Then, Wechat provides more features and more content thanks to a larger community.
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Expats’ shares on Wechat is different regarding Chinese region ! 


Expats’ rate is different concerning China’s locations. Indeed, foreigners who are living in China are mainly in Guangzhou with 235 000 expats, Shanghai follows closely and welcomes 209 000 people and Beijing with 107 000 ones. Others are shared between Jiangsu, Fujian, Yunnan, Zhejiang, Shandong, Liaoning and Guangxi.


The most of them use the same smartphone OS especially IOS, and then Android. Therefore, according to their location, expats don’t have the same behaviour regarding features’ Wechat due to the natives’ influence.

Wechat moment


Surveys showed expats living in Guangzhou tend to share more personal information on the famous platform. This level is logical because the expats rate is higher in this city. But, this sharing’s frequency is as higher as in Chengdu around 8% while it is not in the favourites expats destination ranking. Then, expats Shanghai are in the second position that proves they love sharing contents.



Nevertheless, some kind of expats prefer more reading moments than sharing contents. Morever, in Guangzhou, they are over 50% to be totally in love with Wechat moment publishing. Chengdu is not so far with around 30% of expats to read these contents too compared to Shanghai and Beijing where the rate is less high and below 25% . This low rate is due to contents on Wechat moment don’t come from their friends.


Friends moments

Generally, while Beiing expats don’t like reading moments of anyone, they love taking a look at their friends’ moments. Indeed, they don’t hesitate to comment, share or publish contents too, in order to get their community reaction.

In Shanghai, friends’ Wechat contents doesn’t bring the same interest. Indeed, they don’t care of their community’s moments, articles or forward messages.

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To sum up, these different surveys show the diversity of expats’ Wechat’s using in China. We noticed their skills are not the same regarding to where they are living. Actually, the famous social networks doesn’t have the same impact on these different expats population.

Obviously Chinese users take advantage of more Wechat function and features because they are very connected and have more friends connected on the platform, a larger community with they can discuss and share. In addition, maybe users are not aware on all Wechat aspects such as brands Wechat account, Loyalty program, Wechat wallet, Wechat Payment or QR code…

Expats are not the only foreigners to be interested in using Wechat. Currently, many companies overseas take the opportunity of the app in order to launch their activity, by promoting campaign or setting up events to stores opening. Wechat represents a huge opportunity because Chinese consumers are very attracted by foreign products.


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