You knew that China is the most connected country in the world? Chinese people spend an average of 3 hours each day surfing on internet. Social media apps are very popular and are now your key to entering the chinese market. Do Marketing on social media apps is the best strategy to attract your consumers.

Real Estate in China is a very lucrative market and especially for international real estate. Lot of companies try to enter this market and failed because they don’t understand how this complex market works. China is a very specific market and before all you need to understand that to succeed on the real estate market in China.

We will show you why Wechat is the best place to sale real estate in China.



Wechat is the most used social media app in China. A simple reason : you can do all you want on wechat. The app understood that companies need to adapt their functions to their consumers. And for wechat, it’s a successful bet! The app is becoming the best app in China and will maybe dethrone the giants of the e-commerce. Wechat is a multifunctions app where you can chat, share content and pictures, surf on brands shops, buy and pay. All this functions are incredible and useful for consumers but also for companies.

For you as a companie, you can create your Wechat Official Account and create your brand mini-site to sale your products. Wechat also allow you to do advertising exactly like on Facebook. You also need to generate traffic on your account to be see by your consumers by sharing contents, ads or special offers.

This social media platform is also effective because you can speak with your consumers and create a relationship. It’s very important in China to be close to your consumers and very transparent. Due to all the scandals and counterfeit, consumers no longer trust brands.




I understand why you seems to be puzzled. For you maybe, wechat is only a social media app? But Wechat is very recognised by users as a quality and trustful app.

Be on wechat is a showcase for your company.


It’s good to be present on traditional real estate platforms but in China it’s not enough.

  • First it’s a bit old and don’t give you a very dynamic image.
  • Wechat allow you to create a relationship with your consumers.
  • It’s the best way to have more consumers and access to new markets.

But, Wechat can’t be your only way for your digital marketing strategy. Wechat will not  help you to sale real estate but it will help you to develop your presence in China and become wellknow by consumers.



Wechat is first of all an instant message app. It allow you to communicate with your consumers.

Lots of real estate website are very cold and impersonal. You have only information about propeties to sale and that’s all.

You never can speak with the real estate agent on their website.

With Wechat, it’s really different. Consumers can follow your company profil and speak with you, ask question, ask for more information. Communicate is the best way to retain your consumers. It show that you take time to each consumer and chinese consumers love that.

With this strategy, a potential client will quickly become a client. And when they trust a brand they advice it the brand to their friends, family and relatives.



Chinese consumers as chinese market are really differents of consumers of your domestic market. I explain you that they are more connected than the others but it’s not all.

Chinese consumers no longer trust companies, they have more money because of the increse of the middle-class in China and they want to spend their money for quality goods. That’s why, when they want to buy a property they search a lot on internet to find all the information they can have to be sure of their purchase.

You need to convince your consumer of your good faith if you want to conclude a sale.

The best strategy to use with chinese consumers is to be close to them. On wechat you can speak a lot with your consumers and answer to alle their questions and give them all the information they want. If you show that you are clean and transparent they will trust you and buy. Besides, real estate investment is an important invest with a lot of money in game that’s why chinese consumers are more sophisticated and want to be reassured by you.

You can also share content about your company, who you are, why you decided to do business in China, present your real estate properties, why they can trust you. Give them a lot of detail even if it seem strange for you. You need to convince your potential clients.




  • Education & Western lifestyle

Chinese consumers as I said before have more important purchase power. They want to invest their money in a safe way. In China, it’s very important to become owner for two reasons :

  1. If you want to marry a young woman, a man have to buy a property.
  2. It show the social class level of all the family


But, become owner in China is really difficult. You are owner only for a short time and no forever. That’s why, chinese investors prefered invest their money in international real estate.


Two things you have to highlight to convince your potential clients to invest in your real estate properties. First of all when you post on Wechat, start with explaining where you are and discribing your area and all the good education place you have in this area. Most of chinese consumers who want to invest in abroad real estate want this for their kids. If they buy an abroad property, they can moved with their kids to enjoy the western education system or if their kids are more old, they can moved alone to do their university degrees. It’s an important purchase factor for chinese investors and you can easily used it on wechat.



An other theme that chinese consumers loved is the western lifestyle. Today, in China, the access to information is easier and chinese people search a lot of information, travel more and it open their mind. They want to live enjoy the western lifestyle. Share content about that and show that if they invest in an abroad property they will be able to live like western people and you will have quickly a lot of followers on Wechat.


  • Quality content

Chinese users more than the others love big quality content. You don’t need to post 3, 4 or 5 content every day on your Wechat account it’s too much. Chinese users prefere have less content posts but a quality content. Writte your own publication, focuse you on a subject, give details and smart news and you will attract your chinese consumers.


You can also use H5 Wechat to advertise some new products but don’t forget to give a lot of information and to post a quality content to your consumers.


Need Help ?

If you are an international real estate company you understand that real estate market in China is a lucrative market with a lot of opportunities espacially for foreign companies.

Use Wechat is a key to attract your consumers. Wechat must be a part of your digital marketing strategy because is the most used social media app but it couldn’t be the unique tool you ust in your strategy.

You need to create a strong digital marketing strategy if you want to do business in this particular market.

Feel free to contact us to discuss about your project in China. We can build together the best strategy to improve your business in China.


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