Everybody talk about Wechat. Wechat is so useful. Wechat is the place to be. You can do all you want on Wechat. Wechat for companies it’s the best tool.

But you ? Do you really know Wechat ? I am pretty sure that you know tip of the iceberg but no all the amazing functions of the app.

I will explain you all you need to know about this famous app to develop your business strategy in China.



Before all, I think it’s important to give you some figures to help you to understant the power of Wechat if you are not still convinced.

Wechat is the app the most used in China with around 700 millions users. Due to all the functions the app provide, Wechat is became a part of Chinese’s lives.

– 94% of chinese users use Wechat everyday.

– Chinese users open Wechat more than 10 times a day in average.

I hope now you are convinced that Wechat is the key for all businesses.

Let’s get into the heart of the subject : the main functions of Wechat.



  • Instant messages

At the begining, Wechat was a instant messaging platform. Chinese people use the platform everyday to send message to thier relatives. An average of 70 messages are send per each chinese user everyday.

Chineses use Wechat to chat with their friends and family; but also for work or leasures.

Lots of Wechat group are created everyday like friends groups for an event like a birthday, work team group, sport group to sign up to a sport class… All this groups are created because Wechat is the best way to communicate quickly. Because it’s instant messages, you can speak in real time. It’s really effective and amazing.

And the best thing is that Wechat has also succeed to drill the work sphere to become a working tool like others more professional.


  • Wechat as an email platform

The instant messaging is so useful that people prefered send message and documents on Wechat conversation as they did before with email. Email are becoming oldschool in China where everything need to be fast.

No need to wait your email server and gather all conditions to make the server work. In a country where people from 10 to 99 years old have a smartphone and used it for all, it’s more convinient to directly send your text and documents via Wechat and wait few seconds for an instant reply.

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  • Wechat Call

On Wechat you can also call someone. You can use a normal call or a video call like on Skype or other platforms like that. In average, in China, users call during 100 minutes each day.

It’s very convinient because all over the world you can call your relatives using the Wifi even if you have not internet credit.


I explained you the main communication functions of Wechat, now, we will see why Wechat is a multifunction app.



Wechat wallet is the new way to pay. It has never been so easy to do a transaction in China.

In China, everybody pay with his smartphone, money cash no longer exist. Now, you only need to scan a QR code to pay. It could be the QR code of a seller in a shop or online, a friend to transfer money after eating together, an electricity bill… and more other. Even small handcarts have their own QR code.

You can also pay your online shopping on wechat and book tickets, delivery services…


Last thing very popular in China, you can send a red pocket to your family. The red pocket is the most famous present in China. Chinese people receive their traditional hongbao for New Year. It’s a pocket with money inside. Today you can offer a virtual red pocket. (The red pocket is available all year, not only for NY)

Wechat in China is one of the best digital payment app, it’s fast and convinient. In 2 seconds your payment is done. You only need to have enough battery on your smartphone ;).



As for lots of things in China, Newspaper and TV news are declining. A simple reason to that, most of the TV news and Newspapers ar controlled by the Chinese Government.

Wechat encourage users to “be their own media outlet”. That’s why a lot of KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and users decided to pubish their own contents. And users really love it, they follow a lot of amator account to have the last news.

In addition, with Wechat Wallet, you also can send tip to the writter if you like his article, you only need to press a button to send your tip and encourage the creator.

It’s convinient for a population so connected to have all on the same app.


This new way to have information knew a big increase. Lot of writter are now not alone to write articles. They work in team. It’s becoming a job to publish on Wechat and satisfy consumers. At the begining you can publish anonymous content but government intervened and now it’s impossible to publish anonymous content. Government have to be able to trace the post.

Users really love Wechat news because the censorship is less present than on the other media.


A new thing will be implement this year, Wechat opt for a new trend, the “pay to read”. It’s a new model to develop business. They also think that the content will be better if “journalists” are a bit paid. Some people disagree with that and think that it will, one more time, increase the gap between poor and rich about the access to information.



  • Wechat Game

On Wechat, you can play games. A lot of games are available on the app such as war games, strategy games, games for kids and more. This games are available on Wechat Mini-programs.

Lots of chineses used it when they have free time like in the Subway, when they wait a friend, in the queue…

The main goal of this is to share. You can play alone and share your score to your friends or you can invite some friends to play with you via the social media platform.

Their social features, the combination of speed and ease-of-installation make them extremely addictive.



  • Wechat Video

You can’t see videos as on streaming video platforms such as Youku but you can watch videos of brands on their page, friends’s moments, news… One more time, the videos are very appreciated because you can easily share the videos on the social media platform.

But, Tencent, the Wechat’s creator has its own video streaming platform. As on Youku, you can watch a lot of videos on Tencent Video : show, concert,  Tv show, video clip…

Supporting Tencent Video login is through WeChat.



  • Wechat Music

You can listen your favorite songs on other music apps such as QQ Music. QQ music is a Chinese music streaming and download service owned by Tencent one more time. The platform is very famous and used by a lots of people in China. The app has more than 800 million users.

You can listen your song and after directly share the song on your Moments or to a friends by choosing someone in your contact list.



I had already explain you some of this mini-programs : vidéo, music, games, e-commerce, but Wechat has a lots of others mini-programs apps.

I will show you some examples of that mini-programs.


  • Free Wifi Mini-Program

This mini-program allow you to connect you in public area in place where you can’t always connect you to wifi. The mini-program has a data base with passewords in China and allow you to connect you whitout using your own data.


  • Translator Mini-Program

Very useful in China to communicate. Chinese native speaker or Foreigner this mini-program is made for you. The Mini-Program allow you to translate in English or Mandarin with a voice rocognition. You only need to speak in English or Mandarin and the translator translate your sentence to your interlocutor.


  • Researchs Mini-Program

This Mini-Program act like a kind of search engine. Type your term in Mandarin or in English and the Mini-Program will find you articles about that term.


  • Photo Album Mini-Program

You can create your own digital photos album and share it to your friends groups. For exemple after a party together. Your others friends are also able to add some other photos into the album.


The Mini-Program has also a facial recognition, really convient to find all the photos of yourself or a friend when you have a lot of photos.


  • Tourist Guide Mini-Program

Chinese people travel more and more. They want to have a lot of information about their destination. This Mini-Program is the best answer to their demand. The guides are available in Chinese and also in English. You only need to scan a QR code to have to mp3 audio guide. Very convinient for the new world-travelers.


  • Bike Sharing Mini-Program

No longer need to use the apps of Mobike or Ofo. Use only the Bike Sharing Mini-Program of Wechat, it’s faster and more convinient than their original apps.



Wechat has to play with a big competitor : TaoBao.

But, Wechat is gowing and will maybe dethrone the giant of the e-commerce. 31% of chinese people do their shopping on apps. They have no time to go to shopping malls and they prefered choose products online and sometimes go to the showroom of the brand to see in real. Online, you have time to do research, find the best product at the best price. So it’s really better.


If you are a brand, you have to create your Wechat mini-site. It will allow you to sale your products online. You need to create your Wechat Official Account and after you will be able to create your mini-site. It’s almost similar to your brand website. You can customize your page to make it comparable to your brand image.


When we talk about ecommerce on wechat, we also talk about Youzan and Weidian which are CMS which help you to manage your online shop. Your shop will use a lot of the Wecgat functions such as payment, messages, sales all link with your Official Account.


The speed of the app allow consumers to do a lot of impulse purchase, because all is do to facilitate their purchasing experience.


But, to be really effective, you need to generate traffic and be visible by your target.




Wechat account is your new name card. You can put all your information on your Wechat Account. Besides it’s really easy to share your profile to others. You can have your personnal account but also a professional account with for examples your creations, your skills.. like a resume.

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This article will never be complete if I don’t dedicated a part of the article to the company. Why Wechat is the best for you as a company or a brand?


Wechat is one of the best platform in China for companies. You can’t longer ignore that. It’s the best place to communicate with your consumers. And in China, communication is the key of succeed.


  • Wechat Official Account

I explained you that you first need to create your Official Account. See our article dedicated to the creation of the Wechat Official Account, it will help you. It’s not easy to create your Wechat Official Account, it will ask you to be patient. But when it will be done, it will be your front door of the chinese market.


  • Wechat Mini-Site

Your Wechat Official Account allows you to create your mini-site to sell your goods. It a very important window for your brand. And because the purchase experience is very easy for consumers you need to use this advantage.


  • Be Visible

Create traffic on your Account will give you more awerness. You can generate traffic by publishing quality contents, chinese consumers really love read quality contents. You can also publish pictures of users with your goods to encourage chinese consumers to buy in your online shop. In China, consumers are very differents than the other all over the world. They need to be reassured everytime. They will only buy if some of their peers have buy before. You understand why it’s important to be present and communicate on their social media platform ? Whithout visibility and trust they will never buy your products.


  • Wechat H5

You are also able to advertize on Wechat. For that, Wechat created Wechat H5.

H5 allows you to include games, invites, animations, mobile shaking triggers and many other interactive thinghs. The animations are very effective, because it allows you to create lot of different styles and because chinese consumers love animations.

It a very modern way to advertise.

In adition, H5 campaigns also allow users to post their own content, it create more traffic and make the campaign more powerful and engaging. Your consumer will feel include in your brand activities.


An other very interesting option for company: with H5, you can track the data of people viewing your campaign. It’s a usefull tool for your marketing strategy.


Wechat need to be use as your company Website. It’s exactly the same goal but Wechat allow you to create a relationship with your consumers, to publish sharable contents, and to gain quickly in visibility.



I hope this article will help you to use all the Wechat tools at your disposal. Wechat is the most used social media app in China. If you want to develop your activity in China, you have to be present on the platforms that your target use. It’s not specific to Chinese market, it’s the same everywhere. To build the best marketing strategy, you need to understand your consumers, to be close of them and leverage their habits.

Wechat is really a key to market in China. If you want to know more about this amazing app or if you have any question feel free to contact our experts.

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