WeChat’s founder Zhang Xiaolong shared his vision on the development of Internet and the progress of the information age and the future his super App WeChat.


WeChat has become one of the most important social software in China. Recently, WeChat’s founder Zhang Xiaolong shared his thoughts on the progress of the information age and the future development of WeChat.

WeChat founder’s view on the development of the information age

Zhang Xiaolong believes that the visual information people see on the screen has exceeded the information they see in real life. Once the size of a person’s world was determined by how far he traveled. Now it is determined by the breadth of information. The breadth and quality of information is the problem WeChat has been trying to solve. But people’s thinking about information connection lags behind the development speed of the network. So can people really harness the interconnection of information? Or is information technology guiding people’s way of life?

For this problem, Zhang Xiaolong has carried on the discussion from the following several perspectives.

  1. Sacrifice of privacy

From the perspective of history, with the development of science and technology, human privacy will become less and less. While obtaining convenience, people also sacrifice their privacy. There is a contradiction between precise advertising and user privacy. It is worth thinking about how to use data properly.

  1. Users acquire information passively

It is often said that what you see and think affects what you become. But what kind of information can be obtained from the Internet is a very challenging problem.

In fact, many people prefer to acquire information passively rather than actively. Then what information WeChat pushes will determine what information the user sees. This is what WeChat is thinking about and working towards.

  1. The expansion and complexity of social relations

Nowadays, more and more social relations are reflected in people’s interaction in the WeChat group and WeChat moments. For example, many of the old classmates are reconnected because of the WeChat group. Now there are nearly 1 million users who have 5000 friends on WeChat, although there are not in the true sense of friends, it still prompt WeChat to expand the number of people can be added, WeChat will also think about the subsequent impact.

  1. The speed of information dissemination is getting faster and faster

On the one hand, information travels faster than ever before, perhaps in a single instant, an event can spread quickly across many groups.

On the other hand, rumors may have greater opportunities to spread.

WeChat may be difficult to use technology as a standard to determine the quality of content, but as a platform for information delivery, WeChat is also trying to arbitrate.

  1. Difficulty in information selection

It may seem that users are free to choose what they want to see and what they don’t want to see in the face of a flood of information, but in fact, it’s impossible to find the time to sift through them all.


Anyway, as one of the most popular online apps in China, WeChat’s development contains huge business opportunities. WeChat is not only a platform for communication and sharing among friends but also a channel that cannot be ignored by e-commerce companies. For more information on how to do business at WeChat, please contact us.


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