Wechat is one of the major social networks in China with close to 500 million monthly active users. Recently, Tencent, the owner of the SNS has decided to remind its users about their policy. Unlike what you may think at first glance, this is a necessary step for Wechat. Indeed, the Chinese group ambition to enter other foreign markets. However, entering markets where words like copyright infringement are taboo is not an easy task.

As you can see the rules are pretty generic in nature, and friendly to both the Chinese government and the Global market

wechat drapeaux

Here is the list of the ten rules that WeChat announced for posting on the social network site:

  1. No Infringement:
  2. No Porn or adult Content:
  3. No Violence:
  4. No Scam:
  5. Organized Crime:
  6. No Fakes:
  7. No False Advertisements:
  8. Making Empty Promises:
  9. No Lies:
  10. Harmful content :


This list of rules has been severely enforced so far, Tencent’s flagship social network wants to stay clean in order to have maximum trust from both companies and customers. When you know that in 2014, Wechat generated 1 billion USD of profit through its services and that trust and e-reputation are everything, there is quite a lot at stake.


Branding yourself as a clean Chinese social network in the West, possible?

By enforcing those rules, Wechat wants to brand itself as a clean social media that can be accepted worldwide, ensuring a safe and clean environment for users interactions.

Thanks to this strong policy, brands with an official account obtain a big amount of trust from Chinese customers since they have been “vouched for” by the Wechat staff. As such, using a this type of account in a digital marketing strategy is a very efficient solution to gain trust from your customers in China.

This is quite a logical step for the rising star social network that is Wechat. Actually, for digital marketing, Wechat could be called the Swiss army knife of social network.

Brands can use Wechat to :

Share good content

Have a one-on-one with their customers, something very useful, especially in luxury were the “VIP” feel is critical or in industries that are not openly discussed, like feminine hygiene. As a closed social network Wechat is the tool to promote your products in these industries

QR code for new hybrid, more efficient strategies

QR codes give the brand the opportunity to put in place Online to Offline or Offline to Online strategies resulting in a better conversion for two reasons :

  • It gives what fully online experiences lack : customer experience
  • It gives what retail, physical stores lack : promotion, low prices.

The QR code allows a brand to lead the customer wherever it wants to.

Examples with Olay


Olay created the QR codes above for O2O

Should you have a project idea to set foot on Chinese social networks, let us know, we have the necessary expertise to help you doing a successful business in China.

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