Since February, WeChat officially announced the launch of mini-program live streaming, many retailers have registered it. According to WeChat, on March 8, international women’s day, hundreds of brands simultaneously did live streaming on the WeChat mini-program, bringing new shopping experiences and promotion activities to consumers.


On the same day, in response to the government’s policy to unleash consumers’ purchasing potential, the “Shenzhen Commerce Bureau” launched the “Shenzhen online shopping festival 2020”, with WeChat mini-program joining as the chief technology partner.

The online shopping festival covers a wide range of industries including jewelry, clothing, furniture, seafood, etc, meeting the needs of consumers for online shopping.

WeChat mini-program has become the new trend

Consumers can go into the merchant’s live streaming page by scanning WeChat code, and no need to download any other Apps. In addition to providing convenience for consumers, the WeChat mini-program also offers exclusive online benefits for consumers, including coupons and lottery. Brands also provided a variety of free gifts for consumers. At the same time, consumers can also get online shopping strategies and other practical information through mini-programs.

WeChat live streaming has activated new consumption

According to the official introduction of WeChat, mini-program live streaming is a business operation tool provided by WeChat. Businesses can achieve the closed-loop of user interaction and commodity sales through mini-program live streaming. As a native live function provided by WeChat, mini-program live streaming has the advantages of strong social interaction and high conversion efficiency.

Since the launch of WeChat mini-program live streaming, a lot of merchants have achieved growth both on traffic and sales. Official figures show a fivefold increase in the number of users for some retail brands and a 372% increase in sales for women’s wear. After some beauty brands joined WeChat live streaming, the average number of viewers per live gradually increased by 3 times to 10 times, and the purchase conversion rate was 2 times to 3 times higher than other platforms.


Recently, a lot of apps with live streaming function has drawn consumers’ attention. Live streaming e-commerce has become a new trend for Chinese online shopping. For merchants, assessing whether or not their business is suitable for live streaming e-commerce and making new strategies is the next step they need to take.


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