Ma Huatang, the founder of Tencent, said that he hoped to build a platform (Wechat) and to develop only the most basic rules, then there will be unexpected innovations emerge. WeChat has now 260 million of active users.

Wechat is not an open platform


wechat charge


Firms must create content to attract followers

Practical, fun, content sharing: all this must appear on WeChat. They need to be active on Internet. Chinese consumers want to be informed of news, events, products, discounts, any information about brands.

WeChat is not a e-commerce platform

Firms can create a WeChat account, but Chinese use this app not to buy. They search some information and share moments with their friends. It’s a community app. Users can talk with their friends, can share their photos, and they also can follow firms like clubs or food compagny as Burger King or Starbucks. The QR code is a useful tool to follow firms but they must create an official account in order to avoid fake account.

The future of WeChat

Ma Huatang wants to develop a location service. It will permits to order some products and to be delivered at home. He also wants develop a WeChat app, which permits to pay with your account.

It will be a new way to consum.

WeChat is a very important app in China. Chinese consumers are very connected and it’s important to be on Internet and to be really activ to attract them.


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