Why do you need WeChat?


Consumers behavior in China


Nowadays in China, everything is mobile. People spend are most of their time connected to Internet and look at their social media account for on average an hour per day.  The two main Chinese social medias are WeChat and Weibo.




What is WeChat ?




Wechat is an instant messaging application which allows people to talk or share information with their friends. To make it simple, it is the Chinese WhatsApp or Facebook.

But it is more vast than its western counterparts as users can do almost everything on WeChat. They can read headlines from followed public accounts, check the weather, book a taxi, buy tickets, play games, make video calls, order a meal, set up a group discussion for team work, share documents, pay your bills, transfer money, share locations  etc. It is impressive how this variety of services is offered through WeChat. The app has lots of partnerships around China and most users have attached their credit card in order to make payments with the e-wallet service.




Chinese people are so numerous that they represent the largest online community in the world. Actually WeChat has 700 million monthly active users!

Users can follow public accounts and thus be informed about brands promotions, new products, advertisements and everything …




What is Weibo?


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Weibo is a microblogging in China that could be associated with Facebook or Twitter. It has around 222 million subscribers and 100 million messages are posted each day on it.

The public accounts cannot reach end users in a disturbing way. Companies have a limited number of posts during a specific period. They cannot post everything they want on the social media.


Main business focus on WeChat 

 How can you use WeChat for business purposes?


Virtual loyalty card




Branding is the main strategy that brands pursue on social media. For that, companies can first offer virtual loyalty cards in order to retain their customers.

Nowadays, people may forget to bring their wallet but not their mobile. Actually, people can even pay with their phones. They have more and more confidence in M-payment and m-commerce is becoming more popular. The virtual card is more efficient in terms of client engagement. Through it, the company can share some private sales and promotions and thus win the customers’ loyalty.


Sales activities




WeChat encourages sales for brands. There are three major actions:

  • The community-based digital campaign where users collect most “likes” as possible to earn a promotion, vote to win a competition or play mini-games with sharable score. It is widely used for short promotions or for increase brand awareness of start-ups.
  • The personal sales where some customers operate their own business on WeChat and try to sell the products to friends and friends of friends
  • Finally, m-commerce could be integrated in some brands public accounts to create a WeChat shop. The big brands that want to fully customize their shops and monitor the performance just add a link within the public account menu and lead followers to their own m-site.


Mobile strategy




To conclude, WeChat offers lots of possibilities for mobile strategies and more and more brands are starting their businesses on this platform. That is why social media is going to face higher demands.


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