Recently, WeChat moments advertising has opened the “first comment” function to advertisers. WeChat users can see the “first comment” of the advertiser when they receive the advertisement so that the brand can establish more direct and friendly interaction with users as soon as the advertisement is exposed. At the same time, users can reply to the “first comment”, and the brand can also choose to reply.

According to the test data of the WeChat platform, users’ “likes” and “comments” can greatly enhance the interactive performance of advertisements and significantly improve the click rate of advertisements.

The first comment function is only the first function to be introduced to WeChat users in 2020 and is currently open for investment. There will be other innovative advertising formats for WeChat advertising.


New feature tested….

Tencent has tested a new function in a canary release of its photo-sharing feature in Moments that allows users to comment with stickers. Yes with Stickers


Want more engagement…. WeChat is trying to engage more with Chinese users

WeChat is working on monetizing its 1 billion daily active Chinese users with more advertisements

Stickers are really  popular among Chinese users.
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