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Emails are dead in China

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Emails are dead in China

In Western, the emails are one of the best tools to informs news about the products and the brand. This is not the case in China. According to a report published by Webpower China in 2014 only 6.8% of emails were opened and the click-through rate was only 1% in China. The best way to inform Chinese about the brand is to create an official account on WeChat.

The tool also offers several specific features which could easily help you to translate your traditional email newsletter into the platform.

Benefit of using WeChat as emailing

To increase WeChat readers and subscribers, it is important to write great content. The published contents should also be diverse and of high quality. Finally, and the most important point, the published articles should provide value to your reader.

As we saw earlier, Chinese WeChat users enjoy looking for information and receiving promotions. You can educate your readers on topics related to your brand.

You can even tailor the way your posts are presented to your followers by adopting a newsletter-like template to present your content.

WeChat features


An additional feature you could use is linking your WeChat account with your website or WeChat mini-site. Finally, what is great with WeChat is that unlike email newsletters, readers don’t have to exit WeChat because everything happens in the app even when visiting an external web page. Users remain within the app!

Also, using WeChat in conjunction with other amazing features: Wechat store, auto-reply and many others. WeChat alone is great but coupled with Weibo (a well-established micro blog) it is even better for any business wishing to enter or grow in the Chinese market.

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Understanding the Chinese market is a duty to help you to promote your brand. We will provide you with an analysis of your results and related marketing campaigns every month.

We know how WeChat works and we can help you to increase your reputation online.

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Frequently Asked Question about WeChat newsletters in China

What is WeChat?

The most widely used is WeChat. It was created in 2011, several years after QQ, by Tencent the actual creator of QQ. It is an audio/text instant messaging mobile app used by over 700 million users worldwide. China is, of course, the biggest market in the world. Did you know that 61% of WeChat users in China open the mobile app at least 10 times a day? Also, almost 8 out of 10 Chinese consumers use WeChat to get more information, reading news and receiving promotions offers. It is sometimes referred to as ‘the WeChat times’.

How does it work?

As a company, you have to know that there are two types of official accounts: the subscription account and the service account. The first basic official account is the subscription type. The company can post once per day and each publication is archived in the « subscription account » folder. This is a great choice if you want to regularly communicate with your followers. However, you have to know that it doesn’t send push notifications.

Can I use western social media?

Unfortunately, you cannot use western social media. The Great firewall blocks all the western social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The most used social media platforms in China are WeChat, WeiBo, Qzone, QQ and Ren Ren among others.  It is also important to note that about 90% of Chinese netizens own at least one social media account.