Good news for all businesses in the World.

Wechat allow now Oversea Companies to open an official wechat account.

This account will be visible to Chinese Users.

Before October 2017 , it was difficult or almost impossible to have a Wechat official Account without a Chinese Business License.

You have to be in China, have an official Business license to have the Right to Open a wechat account under your Name.

Many Third party or Agencies have opened under their Name for their Clients, but it was in the Grey area;
And now , Brands can register an Official Wechat Service Account in a Perfect legalitty



International  Wechat Official Account

Chinese can see that. It was not the case before many accounts have been Blocked.

  • Vogue Italia
  • New York Times
  • etc


Access to the Advertising on Wechat

Company can have access to this Official Wechat Account to the Geotargetted Ads.


There are 3 kinds of WeChat official accounts

  • Subscription Account
  • Service Account
  • Enterprise Account

We only focus on Service Account.


Contact us to know the condition to have your Oversea Official Wechat account