Wechat is the most used social media app in China. Its growing is impressive and the app will maybe become the first and the only one for digital marketing,communication and e-commerce.

Wechat allows consumers to do everything. It’s a convenient and quick app for digital communication which improve its functions everyday to adapt its functunalities to the chinese consumers.



Chinese people are the more connected people in the world. They are always connected to smartphones or tablets and spend an average of 3 hours surfing on social media apps.

Wechat in China is a must-have, it’s impossible to imagine don’t use Wechat when you are in China. Wechat is so convenient that for users it’s as unimaginable don’t have Wechat as don’t have a smartphone.




When I will explain you all the functions of Wechat, you will better understand why chinese people can’t live without Wechat.


Wechat is a multifunction app where you can :

  • Send instant messages (write message, use voice or broadcast messaging)
  • Call people in normal call or video call.
  • Follow moments of your friends, brands, KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders)
  • Read contents and news
  • Do online shopping
  • Location sharing
  • Life services (delivery food…)
  • Payment in shops and online


Wechat is a very interesting app because they push the customer relationship at its maximum. They do all they can to adapt the functions at the customer demands and needs.



Most of the users of wechat are males. But in China, it’s not really a criteria because you certainly know that in China they have an issue, too much male and no enought female. That’s why Wechat users are at 67.5% males.


The workers are also the most inportant part of the Wechat users. And it’s a good point for you. Because they work and because of the growing of wealth they have a very good purchase power and spend a lot of time for leasure, shopping and entertainement.


Because of all the traffic on Wechat, lot of brands and companies chineses and foreigners want to be on Wechat. They create Official Account. This Official Accounts allow them to do digital marketing, advertizing and to communicate with chinese consumers which is one of the most important things in China.



Because you can do a lot of things on Wechat and because chinese people are very connected. They spend an average of 2 hours earch day surfing on Wechat.

Some figures to show you the power of Wechat in chineses’s life.


  • 94% of chinese users use Wechat everyday to do someting : pay, send a message or read content.
  • The big average of chinese people open Wechat more than 10 times a day.
  • In average, 70 messages are send per each people everyday and more than 100mins of call.



I will present you the most appeciate activites of chinese users of Wechat.


  1. NEWS

Users like read news on Wechat. The latest news are more read on Wechat than on website, newspaper or TV. Today in China, it’s no effective to try to capt your target using TV, website or newspapers. Chinese consumers are only on social media. Social media apps are the place to be to attract your consumers. Users are very free on social media apps, they can watch and read content when they have time. Besides, the information is in real time. And China is a country where all need to be fast.



In China, consumers, no longer go to shopping malls to buy their stuff. They only do their shopping online. Why ? Because, it’s fast, you stay seat and you can do all your shopping on different platforms, you have more choices, often discounts. In short, it’s better.

31% of Wechat users do their shopping on the app. Wechat allows comapnies to create their mini-sites to sale online. It’s a very effective strategy because you can communicate with your consumers, generate traffic on your account, share discounts, advertise and allow your consumer to buy on Wechat.



Wechat has also a very complete service center where users can order food, wine, book a cab, medical appointments and more.More than 60% of users use Wechat service because it’s very convenient and fast.




Chinese users love share moments. They used to post somethings  everyday and often several time per day. They share contents, articles, musics, videos, pictures, lifetime moments, shopping…



This part is very similar to Facebook, on moments, users can see the posts of their friends and brands, companies, people they follow.

You can like or comment the posts of your friends, as Facebook.


  • In average 61% of chinese users check moments every day.
  • As our social media apps, pictures and videos are more appreciated than articles.


For you, it’s a very good channel of communication. Wechat allow companies to do advertising like on Facebook. You can be very visible on Wechat moments because users spend a lot of time on moments.



In China, it’s just amazing, you can pay with your smartphone. They created a very simple way to pay, money is finished , you only need to scan the QR code of the saler to transfer money and pay your goods (and have enough battery on your smartphone of course 😉 ).

Even small handcarts have their own QR code.

Wechat is one of the best digital paiment way in China.

With Wechat wallet, you also can transfer cash to your friends or family. In 2 secondes the payment is done.


You also are able to pay your online shopping on wechat and book tickets, services… the beginning of Wechat Commerce


Last thing very popular in China, you can send a red pocket to your family. The red pocket is the most famous present in China. Chinese people receive their traditional hongbao for New Year. It’s a pocket with money inside. Today you can offer a virtual red pocket.




You now understand why chinese users love this app. I show you their favorite functions but you can do a lot of convenient things on Wechat.

Wechat it’s’ for you the key of success for any topic of company you have. Fashion, Luxe, Tourim, Real Estate, E-Commerce, Sport, Education, Heath… all this topics have their place on Wechat. All chinese use Wechat, your target is so big. You have a lot of opporutnities on this lucrative market. Now, you need to understand the chinese consumer who is a very specific consumer, the market and create a good digital marketing strategy on Wechat to develop your business/Brand  in China.


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