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E-Commerce & How to Sell on Wechat?

Confirmed and experienced Wechat Store Agency. With 70+ marketers both local and international, GMA has a beneficicial multicultural background. Our teams are passionate about China. We are always looking into new technologies and trends to provide top-notch services and solutions, such as Wechat Store.

Sell on Wechat Store: Solutions


Wechat store set up & H5 pages

No hassles, no waste of time, we set up your store for you.


Wechat store design

We use your brand visual and apply Chinese E-commerce codes to it



Translations, listing creation & management, blog posts… We make sure your store run smoothly.



Professional locals customers services representative for satisfied customers.



Kol, Banner, Ads, buzz campaigns etc… Exposure & reputation to increase traffic and conversion rate.

We have been working with some great companies already. Want to be our next Wechat Store success story?

Glendee is a Thai chips brands. They produce all kind of chips such as coconut. Their goals? Get exposure in China to have Chinese tourists buying their products while visiting Thailand. 

As they were an unknown brand and not present on the Chinese territory the challenges were numerous.

We came up with the following solutions: 

  • Weibo KOL (Key Opinion Leader) campaign with  an average of 2 million views per videos.
  • WeChat account setup & shop & content management resulting in +11 000 followers.
  • E-Reputation: 40+ Press release & Top ranking on Baidu.
  • ‘Little Redbook’ Ecommerce Sales with 12 Kols promiting the brand.

Sell on wechat: marketing strategy

Sell via Wechat or directly with Wechat store can be a great alternative or complement to your global e-commerce strategy. The place is great for community management and story telling. We have been assisting brands to sell on Wechat since the beginning and have more than a trick in our sleeves. Find out about 3 necessary steps to sell on Wechat and Wechat Store.

Wechat Store Set up & management

We not only set-up your Wechat store to answers the Chinese code of e-commerce but also create an intuitive menu for a smooth community management.

WeChat is the perfect place to share interesting and viral content about your company and its products. We support your content strategy and define your strategic positioning together.

We set up an active watch to maintain your digital reputation by responding to consumers on forums, comments, question and answer sites, etc. And we protect you from negative campaigns.

Wechat ads & campaigns

First step is to drive traffic to your wechat store. We promote your brand everywhere where potential customers are. With a multi channel strategy axed around SEO and Ads we are driving qualified traffic to your wechat store.

For instance, we help you integrate Wechat groups. They have a  larger community & the information  relayed within these groups are trusted. 

Chinese consumers are extremely sensitive to promotional offers. With the good campaign your sales can explode. As a wechat agency we create this kind of campaign. 

ROI Focus + Data analysis

Every month, get a full report on your Wechat store figures as well as a report of your running campaigns. From there we discuss and take decision regarding what is coming next.

The objective here is to define a winning strategy that ensures you a long-term progression in China: Cost efficient & ROI oriented.

Why Choose Us for your Wechat Store

Get Started now

As soon as you are ready, we put our wechat e-commerce specialists on your project. They know what they are doing and are doing it right.

Get what you paid for

No rip-off. All the money you invest with us is used in the most cost-efficient  way possible. We are not fancy but are serious about our jobs.

On top of trends

Marketing tools and trends always evolved so do we. There are no magics recipies to success only smart solutions developed by experts.


Shanghai, Taiwan, Paris or London .. Chinese, English,  French, Russian… Find your best fit among our experts.

12 years of experience

Our agency started as an information blog about China and quickly became the leading Digital Marketing in China.

Custom Consulting

Because each project is different, we come up with a custom-made strategy for each of our customers to ensure success.




Chinese netizen spend an average of 66 minutes per day on Wechat & they are not just chatting!


Wechat Store is less competitive

Because many brand put their focus on Tmall, wechat store as less competition. If a customer enter your store, only your product are shown and the customer can purchase directly from their favorite app.


One of the cheapest chinese ecommerce site

Opening a store on wechat, creating  a h5 page that link to your website etc.. Will cost you a lot less than being on a platform like Tmall or JD.

HOW CAN I SET UP MY WECHAT Shop for success?


Start with creating quality content.

To start selling on wechat, create quality shareable content with a link or QR code to your Wechat store to drive traffic.


WECHAT Mini Programs

Well thought Wechat mini program can be fun and educational. They are an excellent way to do story telling and get peoples to engage with your brand.


Display your WECHAT QR code

Drive traffic to your Wechat store by displaying your QR code wherever you can: on your packaging, in your physical store, on your content, website etc..


Use wechat automation

Wechat service account allows you to set up automation to answers your followers questions. Create an intuitive automation to get your followers to engage with your brand regularly.