Mobile Shopping in China: bet on WeChat

 Revolution of Weidian on Wechat


Have you ever heard about Wechat Weidian? It is the mini shop online introduced by Wechat and many consider it is the main competitor of Taobao.

But how does Weidian works?

You can actually download the app via Wechat through a friend or others, giving you access to the shopping and e-commerce features. People can easily purchase items through Wechat and communicate with sellers.

Weidian is making the registration and administration process really simple for companies, allowing them to easily sell their products and services: bank details, deposit, business license…etc. the basic documents needed in China for any new businesses opening.

In addition to this, companies were being offered 2 options: the free version or the paid one allowing you to develop your marketing advertisement on Weidian.

Here there is an interesting article going more in details about Weidian:

A new player in the Chinese e-commerce market

Combination of social and commercial aspects

The idea here is to reach the consumer where he is spending most of its time. Nowadays, Chinese are spending a lot of their time on their mobile device and especially on social networks. It is the smart way to reach these consumers who are used to be overloaded of commercials calls and emails. Chinese people will be more willing to receive advertisement.

Another point is to catch the customer where he feels the more convenient, while you are chatting with your friends and talking about some items that you want to buy. You can actually easily buy your items.

And the other aspect is working on the social side, you can actually share your purchased items with your friends or relatives.

Alibaba and Tencent fighting on this micro market

Is it really a fight between Weidian and Taobao? Not really, Giant Tencent and Alibaba are always fighting for the Internet dominance in all areas.  

Why are both of them fighting for the same battle field? Actually, the main reason is because they both got leadership on booming sector these years. Tencent is focusing on online social media and Alibaba is more focused on the e-commerce plateform.

  • Tencent is trying to conquer the market of e-commerce.

On one hand, besides Weidian backed by Tencent, there is Youzan (Koudaitong), which basically has the same features as Weidian, allowing companies to sell their products and services through Wechat mobile plateform.

  • Alibaba has been the reference in e-commerce for many years.

On the other hand, Taobao is owning about 80% of the Chinese e-commerce market and it is representing the main source of revenues for Alibaba.

From now on, it will be hard to say who will win the battle of micro shopping market: the group Alibaba has actually dominated the e-commerce market for many years, but Tencent seems to be creative and is offering new interesting opportunities to customers by combining social sharing and e-commerce plateforms.

Alibaba vs Tencent

It is actually a constant battle between Tencent and Alibaba group fighting to get the leadership on the market, both of them has to be even more creative than ever.

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