WeChat is the behemoth of the socializing world but how much we really know about that little communicating App we use so often?

What is WeChat?

WeChat is considered in China to be more than just a social App. It is actually, more accurately seen as a lifestyle App. It was developed by Tencent, which is the largest service portal in China. It was branded as a messenger app at first but is now used for an array of functions, such as financial purchases, delivery, and news.

WeChat has overtaken Qzone and Sina Weibo in 2014, two of China’s other leading social platforms. It was revealed in the 2017WeChat data report that by the end of 2017, WeChat had reached 947 million daily active users.

With such a huge base that is primarily active, due to the platform being linked to one’s mobile number and bank, it was only a matter of time before brands and companies took notice.

How does WeChat used for business?

Brands and companies can set up verified business accounts and use them to promote their products, advertise sales and reach out to target audiences. They can do this using image, videos, and texts. Many companies also use social influencers to help promote their products as they have huge fan bases across China, particularly amongst the younger, more mobile and spend-their client base.

A successful WeChat strategy should cover the following key marketing areas.

Lead Generation

Lead generation refers to a customer that is not simply window shopping or passing by, but someone who is actually interested and willing to take the next step towards purchasing. I can give you a real-life example here. Not long ago I had a friend in Hawaii who is a big fan of their domestic chocolate ‘Manoa Chocolate’. He had a friend in Shenzhen China and wanted to send him some bars for the holidays. However, I simply alerting him to the fact that Manoa Chocolate had a Wechat account he could add. He simply added them on Wechat, was able to browse the products they had in China, speak to customer service and pay for them, all through this one platform. As a result of my friend in Hawaii even shared their post and thus, helped Manoa Chocolate reach a greater target audience.

Lead Generation WeChat

Vouchers can be shared through a QR code system and allow users to share vouchers with their friends and family. This is not only advantageous because it allows sales to reach a larger audience; it allows companies to reach a target audience through a possible non-target audience.

 Customer relations

If I am following a Wechat account it is not simply to be inundated with adverts about products. I am usually following for my own personal reasons. For example, if I am following a courier service I would like a tracking option and a customer service option too. Thus, if you set up an account don’t just use it for advertising services. Give customers a reason to stay beyond exposure.


Speaking of advertising, WeChat has its own advertising platform for verified users. It can be used to promote the official account in order to obtain more followers, send traffic to the user’s website (outside of WeChat) or sends users to an APP store download page.

Wechat pay

The convenient payment method can be used for all transactions. Much small business and self-employed people are getting their QR code printed out so that it can be scanned for transactions. Vending machines, taxi drivers, fruit stall sellers and hair salons are just a few. Wechat allows for versatility in a market because all the resources that go into financial transactions are taken away and cash and cards are not even needed

How to start using WeChat for business?


Account Opening

WeChat official website offers a means of setting up a verified account. To do this you will have to provide relevant documentation. These accounts are split into subscriptions account and service account. Subscription is content-based whilst service is used for selling goods etc. Subscription is used in the folder whilst the service account becomes part of their contact list. A business can set up multiple accounts to deal with different needs of the company.


The online management platform offers great tools to customize the account. This involves setting up tabs and making the account user-friendly, with different images for products and descriptions. Adding the QR code to your website is also fruitful as this will quickly allow others to share who you are.

It is crucial to retain your hard-earned followers. The more streamlined your account is the better. The App is used for efficiency and you should always have this in mind. Customizing regular tabs is also essential and shows an understanding of your market. Regularly posting fresh content is encouraged. Subscriptions accounts can send one group message per day, and services accounts can only send up to four group messages per month so use them wisely. These messages can be targeted at age, gender, and location, making it ideal for brands looking to target particular audiences.

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