WeChat wants to conquer the international market


It’s with an impressive way that the famous mobile application, “We Chat“, begins to set up on the international market. Indeed, 50 million is the key number, revealed by Tech in Asia, representing the number of users registered outside China.


WeChat in the world

WeChat was able to widen very quickly its international presence thanks to multiple features, more or less inspired by its competitors. That makes unavoidable the comparison with the famous social network Facebook. It’s in multiple countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Mexico, Singapore or even India that the application of the group Tencent saw itself particularly successful.


This year, the group Tencent declared an impressive turnover. Indeed, the developer of the software posted a turnover of 2,161 billion dollar. Which can be translated by a 11.5 % increase, compared to 2012. The next years, these figures should be increasing with the new services of WeChat (including games and other in the application).

The controversies of WeChat

The service of social networking of WeChat allowing communicating, with its own contacts with an instant messaging, counts now on 400 million users. Among them it’s estimated at 195 million the number of active users. These figures highlight one and the same report: WeChat catches up in a very fast way, its main competitor WhatsApp who counts 200 million active users.

Last month, many controversies appeared concerning the WeChat application. Indeed, several Chinese companies of telecommunication shouted in the unfair competition due to a capacity, for Tencent, to supply a better service in a low cost. Besides, many doubts appear about the real owner of the data exposed on WeChat. So, I give an advice to users of WeChat: remain watchful!

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