Many businesses such as photographers, wedding planners, dressmakers, travel agencies, marriage headhunters and real estate developers are taking advantage of this profitable market.

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The wedding industry is rapidly increasing in China.

There are some factors which have boosted the wedding industry in China, such as the rising disposable incomes and the growing middle class. Nowadays, wedding industry in China accounts $80 billion and it is expected to continue increasing over the next years due to the rising wealth in the Asian giant.

In China, population spend an average of $12,000 on each wedding and there are more than 10 million weddings in the country each year and therefore it is estimated that wedding industry will reach $120 billion in the next years, as reported by the China Wedding Industry Development Report.

Chinese parents are willing to do anything for their child and no expense is spared because they consider their child’s wedding is an unique and very important event in the life and therefore they are glad to spend big amounts of money in the wedding(China Daily).

In addition, Chinese see weddings as an occasion to show off their wealth and status and therefore they organize weddings with elaborate photo shoots, expensive dresses and banquets for scores of people.

Wedding portraits are a big deal in China.

The new trend for brides and grooms in China are elaborate wedding photo shoots that can cost up to $15,000.

Pictures are a very important part of the wedding and Chinese couples spend a lot of money in get the perfect photos.  These days, many Chinese couples decide to take their pre-wedding photos abroad, often in front of famous landmarks.  Paris, Santorini and London are the main destinations for pre-wedding photography.

In China, it is a custom to have the wedding pictures before the marriage because on the wedding day, the pictures are showing to the guests. Nowadays, some formal portraits are taken the wedding day, however, studio photography plays a very important role in China’s booming wedding industry.

In China, most of the couples take the wedding photos months before the wedding. It is a complicated and arduous process that demands days of effort, numerous costume changes, exotic locations and a huge budget, ranging from 500 to 15,000 dollars.

As opposed to Western couples who seek wedding pictures that capture real moments, Chinese couples want elaborated photos that reflect their romantic fantasies. Wealthy couples even travel to exotic destinations with the only purpose to take their desired pictures (See here).

wedding beach

At wedding studios, Chinese couples have the opportunity to create their most romantic and lavish fantasies through fake backdrops which represent from exotic beaches to former foreign concessions, which have European-style buildings.

In China it is not uncommon to come across a place where, at the same time, many couples are being photographed.

In China, wedding is a profitable industry but with a fierce competition. In order to be the first choice to Chinese couples it is essential have presence on the Chinese Internet and social media platforms because they use it as an information source to find services.

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