Sina Weibo Takes Action Against Rampant Plagiarism !


On April, 16, a new weibo account called “微博管理员”(weibo manager). In its description, it announced itself as an exclusive account against false information, online personal abuse and plagiarism.




Weibo against Plagiarism !




So far(May 23, 2012), about 40 accounts already punished by it. Among them, 4 accounts are punished due to their plagiarism.

Case 1:

Among those accounts punished, the most influential one is “笑多了会怀孕” (too much laugh makes people pregnant).

weibo account xdlhhyThis account has over 2.1 million fans and puts about 80 posts everyday. Most of the contents posted by this account are made by others. After reported by “最抄袭”(most plagiarism), Sina closed “笑多了会怀孕” account for 7 days.

Case 2:

Another influential account punished is “电脑报”(Popular Computer Week).

weibo account dnbThis account has more than 210,000 fans.

On April 13, it copied a post from “caoz” and caoz reported this to weibo manager. Two days later, weibo manager labelled this post on”电脑报” with ” 抄袭微博”(copied from others) in red.

weibo copied contentAnalysis

1. Too few copiers are punished

Compared with the accounts which copy others’ content everyday on weibo, 4 accounts are too few.

2. Punishment is not strong

The most severe punishment is close for 7 days.

3. Only big accounts are punished

These four accounts punished for coping contents from others have at least 210,000 fans.

What does this mean?

Sina just started to care about the rampant plagiarism on weibo. The action it’s taking now is to shock those copiers accounts by punishing the leading copiers. It seems Sina now has no interest in taking serious action against plagiarism.


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