Weibo in China

Microblog, or Weibo in Chinese, has become one of the most popular SNS platforms in China. Its influence in business has also been noticed by many companies. It is also necessary for companies who wants to increase their presence online in China to understand China microblog.


Microblog in China : extremely popular

Today, there are 327 million microblog users in China, DCCI Data shows. In fact, 88.81% of Chinese citizens are microblog users.

Micro blog users from different platforms

Micro blog users from different platforms

They have accounts on mainly 5 different microblog platforms:

Sina Weibo 87.67%
Tencent Weibo 84.69%
Netease Weibo 56.12%
Sohu Weibo 35.63%
Ifeng Weibo 13.61%
Other Weibo 18.37%

What needs to be noticed is that a big percentage of Tencent microblog users are from Tencent QQ. They mainly use QQ not Tencent Weibo.
It’s quite similar for Netease, many users from Netease Weibo are the users of Netease email box users.
It means Sina Weibo still dominates the China microblog market.

 Hide Sina weibo dominator of the microblog in China

Hide Sina weibo dominator of the microblog in China

Microbloggers and Mobile Phones

Micro blog users from different terminal equipments

Micro blog users from different terminal equipments

Amongst all the microblog users, 2.34% of them don’t use PC. 89.35% of them use smart phones; tablet users accounts for 85.43% and 60.24% of microbloggers have used non-smart phones to check their microblogs.
More than half of the pages online are viewed via mobile equipments which makes Mobile users crucial for companies. Mobile-friendly website and applications can be good choice for companies to attract those mobile users.

When Microblog users see your product

What micro blog users do after seeing products

What micro blog users do after seeing products

As the chart shows, most people will click the link attached when they see the products:

  • 51.87% of microbloggers will search the products they see on E-commerce sites like Taobao, Jing Dong and Amazon.
  • 49.91% of them will go to the homepage of the brand.
  • Pictures and links in the posts will also be checked by 49.57% of the microbloggers.

weibo online users in China


Searching for further information is also popular among microblog users:

  • 41.24% of the microbloggers will search the products on searching engines such as Baidu, Google, 360so;
  • 29.93% of them will search more from professional websites such as Auto Channel;
  • 29.42% of them will search information on the platform.

One also need to notice that some posts can be wasted because of inappropriate links:

  • 20.32% microblog users give up searching because of no links in the posts
  • 20.32% give up for wrong and irrelevant links attached.

It shows how important it is to make quality content as well as putting an appropriate link to keep visitors.

You have also tencent Weibo , but it is not very popular.


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