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Originally, Weibo was created to compete with Twitter which is actually forbidden in China. Since Weibo’s creation, the microblogging service evolved and got more and more influence. The famous plateform is revolutionizing Chinese people’s habits.

Weibo, “the Chinese Twitter”  is easier to use and more complete than its Western competitor. Indeed, since Twitter was out of China, Weibo modernized itself. Actually, Weibo is an expression for Chinese people.
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Use Weibo for branding strategies

coca cola and weibo

Huge brands are using Weibo to promote themselves. Indeed, these last years, Weibo became the very best in digital communication and in marketing channel. Thus, some companies show their achievements and post advertisements to increase the brand’s popularity.

The famous Chinese social network is interesting big Western companies. Especially those which want to win the Chinese market in its activity area such as Coca-Cola or Louis Vuitton. That’s the reason why these brands create their own Weibo pages. This helps to discover about Chinese consumers and their purchasing habits, getting marketing tools and other ways to attract this new public.

Weibo has a lot of potential

Western companies need the insight from Weibo

Today, attracting Chinese consumers is becoming the biggest challenge for every important company. Each brand wants to understand the Asian population. As a result, the famous Chinese plateform represents a huge opportunity for Western companies which want to increase their popularity towards Chinese customers. They are specific and have different expectations or lifestyles than Western consumers. This is a new challenge for Western companies which have to adapt to their new audience.

Benefit from the network’s wide audience

Weibo enables brands to attract this special kind of customers because it is now the most important microblogging website in China. Big companies can get a large audience by creating a page where users can react and debate on any subject approached. Brands have to choose many entertainments in order to captivate their followers such as hiring a famous brand ambassador to represent the brand for instance. Chinese customers are very interested by this kind of activity and then, they feel more concerned about the brand in itself.
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Use Weibo for advertising

Brands can post photos and videos to promote their image. In order to get more followers, it is possible for them to share graphics, or more details which prove the companies’ skills. Chinese consumers are updated about the companies they are following. They feel concerned and interested in their activities or new products proposed. In addition, brands have to offer some exclusive promotions. Chinese consumers love this kind of event. More information here

Entertainment is important on social media

Brands have to entertain their Chinese followers. Indeed, these customers are very special and are looking for some fun when they are scrolling on a page. The page must be attracting. You must include links, funny photos or videos. Weibo allows to broadcast advertisement thanks to results-driven programmes. Then, Chinese consumers comment the brands’ posts more easily. It is important for brands to engage their followers through questions, or ways to allow chinese consumer to comment and give their opinion. Example OnlyLyon Weibo. 

Carefully manage the interactions on your Weibo page

Famous companies have to manage the interaction around their page. Indeed, thanks to various services that Weibo provides, brands can control their marketing strategy. They can check out chinese consumers’ reactions in order to make out their point of view. Western companies can adapt their new strategy to chinese users and provide more customized promotions. Example here

To sum up, Western companies have to solve this challenge which can be resumed to attracting Chinese customers. Weibo is one of the best way for them to succeed in their projects. Indeed, this famous plateform allows them to develop their product onto the Chinese market.

With Weibo, famous brands can only progress and become more successful !

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