The purpose of Weibo marketing is not to turn company weibo account into a billboard.

There are over 1000 foreign companies have opened their official weibo account. However, many of them just use weibo as an micro-bulletin for them instead of a platform. They just put some dreary company news on it like they invent a new product, or have some government people visit them… However, they forget the essence of weibo, to build a community. Not ignoring interaction.

In the following case, an Italian company put

non-interest company weibo acc 1

news about its construction project and Italian embassy on its company account. It can hardly get fans, needless to say customers from its Weibo.
The problem of this account is:

  • Its content is not attractive
  • Its weibo account doesn’t spread good image to visitors
  • People cannot find it unless they search for it by name because this company doesn’t work on SEO or weibo group marketing

Another company use its weibo account as a 100% billboard.