The same information put on 2 different website is more trustful than the information put on 1 website twice.

Some companies don’t care about other SNS platforms and believe only weibo is enough. If they only use weibo they will probably meet the problems:

a)The information from different platforms are usually different without control  which will confuse potential customers.

For example, if you search “十大乳胶漆品牌” ( top 10 latex paint brand) on Baidu, you will get different lists as follows:

the list on the left is from youqiwang; the other is from maigoowang

Some customers put questions online after getting confused, like the following one:

customer confused with different source

(translation: why I cannot find 2 identical lists online? which one of them is more reliable?)


b) Chinese customers are more likely to believe those infromation confirmed from several sources.

For example, during Nokia N8 release, there’s a rumor that porn is mixed in the video spreading everywhere on Internet. Such a rumor trapped countless people on weibo. One reason is those scaremongers use many different website to spread rumor. (Detailed study on this case)

As a conclusion, an E-marketing strategy contains several website is more mature and efficient.

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