Dark Side of Weibo Marketing

Recently, a lady called Wenyi got popular again.

roles of weibo

(Wenyi, the CEO from vipku, presented in a TV show as an interviewer last week. In this show, she made several mistakes which invites universal criticism. More details about this buzz, please check: Wenyi Teaches You how to Destroy Company’s Reputation)

This time she deleted all her posts and cancelled all her followings after getting hundreds of thousands criticism on weibo. At the same time, her company website was hacked and a letter demanding an apology from Wenyi appeared on its homepage.

vipku hacked

1. network violence

As a network violence, Weibo shows its role in a negative side again. Wenyi case explains this very well.

2. sensational hype

Ganlulu and her mother put her nude photo on weibo as an advertisement to find a husband.

Then Ganlulu becomes very popular and gets a lot invitation for advertisement and TV shows.

3. public supervision

The users on weibo seem very interested in checking academic certificates, donation of celebrities.  For examlpe, Fangzhouzi becomes a celebrity on weibo from checking other celebrities’ academic certificates. Many stars have to show their invoice of donations on weibo to prove it.

4. punching bag

Most users log in weibo for information, fun or for other stuff. While some of them go to weibo for insulting others. Zhangliangying(a pop song singer) got insulted in March for no reason and she reported this to police.

5. hotbed for rumor

Louis Cha Leung Yung has suffered this many times. He has been said to be dead for several times last year.

As his son said, people have lost their patience to check the truth of the news.

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