Study on the rules of time that companies weibo put posts

When doing weibo marketing, a weibo marketer should pay attention to right time, right place and right content. This article studies on the publication time of weibo.

1. fans activity on different days of a week


Companies tend to put posts on Monday and Tuesday while users are active on Wednesday and Thursday.

Weibo users are not active on Monday and Tuesday: on these two days, they will have more pressure from their work, so they are not active to company weibo accounts.
Users are active on Wednesday and Thursday: they have less pressure from work, so they are more active while companies don’t use these two days very well.
Users tend to share instead of comment: share is more relaxing which is what users want for weekend.

2. fans activity on different hours of a day


During 18:00~23:00 is best time for weibo marketing

During 9~11am, 2~3pm, users are not active: however, most posts are published during this time when most users are busy with work or study.
During 18~23pm, users are active: on the contrary, companies are not active this time. So 18~23pm is a period need more attention from companies.