Early this morning, Weibo account administrator announced the adjustment of weibo forward a review of the data displayed.

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The full text of the announcement

Recently, the issue of Weibo forwarding and commenting on data fraud has caused a lot of discussions. The scope of the discussion has gradually expanded from questioning the traffic star to industry chaos, fan alienation, platform responsibility, and social integrity.

“Data traffic fraud” is not an isolated phenomenon, and the problems it refracts are more due to the short-sightedness and impetuousness of the industries involved. The negative impact of using the revenue and replacing traffic with art has even exceeded the industry and Internet platforms involved.

The forwarding and commentary numbers of some big V accounts have been spurred, which essentially reflects the growth and spread of data-only and traffic-only views. The only data theory and the flow-only view make practitioners unable to focus on the works and the art itself; only the data theory and the flow-only view make the fans fall into the “prisoner’s dilemma” ratio of traffic; only the data theory and the flow-only view make the related fields black. Producing a profit, doing everything, and ultimately disregarding the law and the rights of others.

Today, without breaking the current data-only theory and the flow-only view, the entire industry and many Internet platforms cannot escape the embarrassing situation of bad money driving out good money. Platform responsibility cannot be avoided, and Weibo should take necessary measures for all types of cheating.

Based on the above considerations, in order to build a healthy Weibo content ecology and relationship ecology, and encourage benign interaction, Weibo station will adjust Weibo forwarding and comment counting display methods in the near future: Weibo forwarding, comment counting display limit is 1 million, that is, forwarding When the actual number of comments exceeds 1 million, the corresponding number of forwards and comments will be displayed as 1 million+.

Media accounts and government accounts are based on account attributes and have good credibility. Therefore, this adjustment does not involve the above two types of accounts.

The above adjustments will be tested online at the end of January.

In addition to this, it is necessary to declare that Weibo’s hot search, star power list, hot topic list, and other list products have always adhered to the rules and strategies that users can’t count multiple repetitive behaviors.

In order to ensure the authenticity of the above list, Weibo constantly upgrades the product itself and sets up a brush-proof system based on big data recognition. For behaviors that have cheating characteristics, the system recognizes and blocks them in real time. At the same time, Weibo has strengthened its linkage with public security organs and strengthened cooperation with external companies, such as exchanging information on infected equipment, identifying water military equipment from the perspective of equipment, and combating black production in multiple dimensions.

As a social media platform, Weibo provides unprecedented convenience and presence and participation for all kinds of big V and fans. Weibo hopes that fans can rationally chase stars, no longer give up, let art return to the soul, and hand over the works to the market for trials. At the same time as building a sunny and orderly Weibo community order, the heart of the fans’ good wishes is harvested.