Weibo Users are becoming more difficult for weibo marketers to convince now.

The mission for a company weibo is to spread the brand of the company and what’s more important is to let people trust the brand. However, weibo users are becoming smarter and smarter that some topics can easily make them skeptical.  Now they are

1. more skeptical on vunlerable people’s stories

There was a 23-year-old girl called “Luo Ruoqing” who caught leukemia and now she’s dying from it. If she didn’t put anything on weibo, she will probably die silently like thousands of leukemia patients else. However, after the post she put discovered and shared by some stars, she becomes famous. What’s coming with the encouragement is people’s suspicion, such as:

(translation: There must be something wrong with this hype. Her weibo is now extremely popular while there’s no official proof. ..)

2. more critical to flaunt wealth

On April 29, a girl called “Liuyuanyuan” claimed to be an officer from China second artillery force posted on weibo “我在酒驾”(I’m drunk driving). Although this caused an avalanche of criticism on her and also on the army, people don’t trust  the identity of Liuyuanyuan too much.

(transltaion: haha, so ridiculous, these kind of boring people who rumor about CPC should be punished….)

3. more suspicious on certificates and donation of celebrities

The users on weibo are showing more interest in checking academic certificates, donation of celebrities. For examlpe, Fangzhouzi becomes a celebrity on weibo from checking other celebrities’ academic certificates. Many stars have to show their invoice of donations on weibo to prove it.

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