The feedback from Weixin User Behavior


Weixin Public Platform Usage


Chinese mobile phone users have been seduced by Weixin application (or WeChat) of Tencent, according to the sults from a survey by  iResearch.

Weixin has exceeded more than 300 million subscribers with more than 30,000 verified accounts of which 70% belong to companies.

According to a study from iResearch, 42.5% of users use the occasionally WeChat platform. 24.1% use everyday.


User Dissatisfaction of Weixin

Despite of its success, some users are unhappy and there are several problems recurent: poor user experience, the lack of useful information and the lack of interesting content.

For marketers and companies, the Tencent’s platform is not yet mature. Although with some creative businesses make beautiful things. For now, it is best to don’t spend too much time on Weiwin (WeChat), interactivity is not yet quantifiable and the platform is not yet accomplished but in strong development.

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