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Chinese outbound travel Market

In 2017, 131 million Chinese tourists travelled abroad, an increase of 7% in one year. In addition, they spent 2,611 million dollars worldwidemaking this country number 1 in terms of expenditure and account for a quarter of the total number of tourists worldwide. This strong growth is pushing the tourism sector to adapt to this growing wave of tourists and satisfy their needs. To help you in your approach to attracting Chinese tourists we offer some tips to help you better prepare. 


Asaid before, the tourism market is booming with more and more Chinese from all walks of life travelling to Europe, the US and Asia. 

The market is thus favourable to the investment and development of the world economy. In these conditions, a company wishing to create or develop its business cannot dream betterTourism has never been more important than at present in China, but there is also a risk of overtourism that could cause significant damage if it is not encased. The annual expenses made by Chinese tourists are staggering. There are no specific targets because each citizen is a potential target which makes a number of them, but also the possibility of diversification of activities is incommensurably adaptable to any type of need to satisfy and better loyalty this clientele. 



Tourism Boom

 A new boom emerged in China and divided the current community of travellers. 

Since many years Chinese people visit one country one time in a group and lived with the other during the day as a community, with the emergence of travel platforms as Mafengwo or Qyer most of them became independent and travel alone, they are called “independent travellers”. This change of mentalities shows a change of generation too, allow companies to develop and expand it. you are faced with 

Two groups of people and two different expectations about their travels. You must recognize their need and treat them as special clients to have great feedback and have regular customers. 

A new kind of customer exists too, the rich one, instead of others, rich looking for special and unique travel. Groups follow a specific tour, the same for everybody and all of them are a threat at the same level. 

It’s quite different with independent the sole advantage is your loneliness; you can move anywhere and discover such a nice place then sharing them on your media platform, but all these trips are similar because that’s the same place with the same activity. 

For these reason platforms as Luxtrip create customize travels and experience for the customers and adapt the offer to the expectation. The agency can provide an infinity of services depending only to the budget of the client. This fact shows you two things, more and more Chinese people travel alone and can come back in the same country if they enjoy stimulating the economic activity. The buying power of Chinese people increasing each year. You have an infinity of the possibility to make their trip unique to attract rich Chinese people. 



  •  Most Important Destination in China


 Chinese tourists travel primarily to neighbour countries, mainly Hong Kong, Macao, Thailand and Japan, but also to Europe and the United States. These countries rely heavily on Chinese tourismwhich alone accounts for 1/4 of the world’s total tourism and must offer a service tailored to this clientele. 

It is therefore crucial for a company to be well seen by this population and will respond to their best wishes without wrinkling their ego. In which case they might not return, which would have a huge impact on the local economy at least and national at worst. 

This was the case with South Korea, which was banned from any exchange with China following a political misfortune. It was then impossible to travel to Korea via Chinese booking platforms, Mafengwo, Qyer. There was very little flight program between the two countries also complicating the task to those travelling without having access to these sites. 

It is therefore important that you adapt to the Chinese culture and know the habits and customs to avoid any inconvenienceMoreoveryou have to treat Chinese customers differently, with more attention if you do not want to be blacklisted because a bad experience can put you out of the network. 

  •  A New way to pay


In China the electronic payment service, via our phone, is offered by two giant namely Tencent with Alipay and Wechat with Wechat pay. 

These two allow its users to simplify the payment of services and products using its virtualized money in hotels, restaurants, shops… 

The shopping is for the Chinese a moment more than important, years of savings on all types of goods or services to ultimately be able to spend all in stores of the largest European capitals for example, in fashion stores. 

The problem is that rare are the companies equipped with this kind of technology to be able to offer this service which does not accommodate the Chinese tourists at the moment of going to the cash register. 

Furthermore, application wechat is used as a tool for every trip for virtually all Chinese people. Wechat creates a service named CityExperience mini program functioning as a guide for the cities of Sydney, Dubai and London. Through an interactive map the user can see the main point of interest and activities to do in the area with shops and other interesting places to go shopping. 

In order to best attract Chinese tourists it is necessary that you have a partnership with Wechat so that it refers to your city as well as a point of interest. 

In other words, it is a virtual travel guide that tourists always consult before visiting this or that place. 

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  •  The influence of KOL

To boost your business considerably you can use influencers called KOl who will promote your live stream through applications that asks Chinese KOLs to live stream a customized trip to maximize user engagement. 

Another way to become famous is through the use of medium-sized apps because the power of money is more than 20 percent. China’s outbound tourism industry in the next five years, in order to attract and retain Chinese touristsluxury brands and travel marketers. 

IChina shopping is down to about a third of Chinese consumers’ total budget from 50 percent just a few years ago You can consider this as bad news but the high demand increasing every year. Tourism will not disappear, the only things is about personal spending who decrease a littleWhyBecause they prefer to buy their products on Duty-free zone less expansive. They prefer bought fashion products and import them because it’s less expensive here compared to China, you must adapt your products to the demand and propose some services useful through KOL to create a need and become a necessary shop or activity for the Chinese travellers. 



  •  Chinese Platforms and Expectations


When they want to go to holidaysChinese people use trip platform to schedule hotel, flight or another kind of activity. The main popular are MafengwoQyer or FliggyWith these apps, depending of their activitythey have some personalized offersThese offers are subject to their previous bought products and their localization. Once they come back to their country, offers continue to appear and propose some overseas products. 

As an examplesome company after Chinese come in their place can send products from the country to China at any moment if they enjoyed it. That allows the company to have more and more Chinese tourists because they can continue in China to try some overseas products. 

Chinese people are the solution of all problemseven if it’s difficult to keep Chinese visitors when they come for the first time. And make them loyal to a place, the number increasing allow a business to adapt their offer for Chinese first then for others. 

Many destinations are considered as unknown for Chinese people, if you create activity and offers adapted to their needs it’s possible to attract lots of them, one is enough, if they like it they will probably tell to their friends and the number will increase. 

The main products bought by Chinese consumers are cosmetics (45%), local products (43%), bag and suitcase (39%), clothes and accessories (37%) and jewelry (34%). 

More and more Chinese people are curious about the story behind the products. You must adapt your advice or market through this idea. 


 To Sum Up

, it is essential to follow these 5 tips above if you want to have an idea of how to attract Chinese and loyal. Nonethelessit is only the beginning of a long journey that we can help you achieve. 


As a marketing agency we have the opportunity to help you in your efforts to attract Chinese customers and make you an incontournal by building a strong image on networks and forums and by promoting you through our KOL services who will talk about you and your activity will be a must for anyone traveling to the country in which you practice. 

In addition, we can greatly improve your visibility on search engines by allowing your activity to be on the front page and thus make it visible. 

The promotion and marketing in China will have no more secrets for you. 

For any kind of information concerning our services you can contact us, we will be delighted to help you realize your dream.