What you need to know before doing Baidu Marketing


The Chinese Web lanscape is very different from the Western. There is a big gap between their habbits.

In the begining of 2013, China is said to hold 570 millions netizens. Baidu provides an index of over 740 million web pages, 80 million images, and 10 million multimedia files.


Baidu.com is the world’s largest search engine in Chinese!

In 2013  Baidu holds about 70% of the Internet market share in China,  ranking the 5th worldwide and the  1st in China on Alexa list.  Baidu is now in China the most influential search engine,

Baidu is the best channel to start an online communication in China. From starting marketing on Baidu,  you will be able to cover a massive customers from all levels in China and thus you can get the feedback from analysis tools developed for Baidu marketing.


270 million Chinese often go shopping online, with business transactions of 1.25 Trillion Yuan  in 2012.

80% of Chinese users use search engines to find information.

Just imagine some of your potential customers are searching information on Baidu about the products or service you provide, if you happen to appear in front of them, they will probably click through the Ad and find you! Even if they don’t really like to click through the ad, your ad still appear in front of them as many as they search relevant keywords, an association between your brand and the product will be created in your target people’s mind.


What are the Key point to know to start Baidu Communication

Google is more practical, but not stable in China, and Baidu develop a massive awareness and appear everywhere and focused only on revenue. See more information about Google VS Baidu. You can find the Key notes for Baidu campaign.

  • Localization of the website in China, for user experience optimization.
  • Create content in Chinese, customized for your target. (simplified Chinese is better)
  • SEO Search Engine Optimization for increasing your traffic and visibility
  • SEM Search Engine Market or Pay per click to get direct traffic.
  • Community management on Baidu Website, Q/A, Baidu Wikipedia, and forums
  • PR: publication on online news to increase your reputation


Different Baidu Website

baidu.com has developped a lot of Websites, nowadays catches 23% of the search to his own websites, such as Baidu music, Baidu Video, Baidu Forum (tieba) , Baidu Question Answer, Baidu Shopping, Baidu flight booking…

In total , Baidu offers 57 search and community service

  • Baidu Tieba: Basicly Forums, divided according to people’s interest. You can almost always find a quite big community there.
  • Baidu Zhidao: Baidu Know … It is a a collaborative website  by question and answer.
  • Baidu Baike:  China’s largest internet encyclopedia written by collective intelligence. It has 6 million pages.
  • Baidu Shopping: Website regrouping online shops selected by Baidu (all the online shopping malls except Taobao)
  • Baidu MP3 ou Baidu Music. You can find  almost all the songs and music that you want, and listen online for free.
  • Baidu News: sames as google news.
  • …..


Example Baidu Tieba :

baidu Tieba

How to develop your SEO on Baidu?

For develop your SEO on Baidu you need to :


– Optimize your Website structure

For baidu, you need to get a optimized website for the Baidu Spider.


– Create interesting and original Content

Baidu more and more appreciate orginal content , and good(long) articles


– Update your website

Baidu gives a big bonus to the website, who are able to give fresh news.


– Get Backlinks

A popularity of a website can be calculated by the number of external backlinks to the page or Homepage. The more backlinks you get the more high rabking you will get.

More information on this article.


How to manage PPC Campaign

1. Opening a Baidu Account

The very first step is to open an Account on Baidu, register , get the document and get the verification of Baidu. Because of too many abuses, Baidu control strictly the account opening.


2. Keywords selection

Before starting a campaign, you should know on which keywords you want to appear to attract potential customers or visitors.


4. Baidu Campaign Monitoring

It’s quite the same as Google ads, you need to manage the campaign. The upload of Baidu PPC is much slower than that of Google because all the content uploaded to Baidu will be checked manually by Baidu.

baidu ppc campaign

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