Intermediate or even confirmed football player? If you want to find a soccer agent in China to get into a football club in China, read on! Here are some tips for finding your ideal future agent quickly and efficiently.


First of all, what is a football agent (for those who do not know or have only a vague idea)? This is the person who will follow you and advise in the development of your playing career, help you in managing your image, negotiate your contracts. He will also make you meet recruiters, physical trainers or put you in contact with football clubs in order to sign a contract.


Salary is high for football stars…

And the market is difficult for unknow players.


Salary of stars in China



Here are several methods, from the least to the most effective, to find your football agent in China.




1. Send your CV – video always better

Sending your CV to the agents you are interested in obviously leaves you spoiled for choice and the possibility of comparing agents with each other to choose the ones that you think are the best.

However, this method leaves the chances of receiving no response back as you might expect.

This is why we advise you not to send a simple CV but a video CV which will be much more human and elaborate and which will give you the opportunity to show your best physical skills in the space of a few seconds. Our team can assist you in the development of this video CV to make it as attractive as it is professional.


2. Enlarge your Network

Going through your network can be a good way to find a reliable agent with whom your contacts will have a good relationship or even work with them.

Having contacts in this area can be easy in your country but it’s another story to have some in China! This is why we recommend that you first be accompanied by a team of professionals who have knowledge of this field and who can provide reliable contacts such as the GMA team.


3. Get spotted by the football agents

How to get spotted by player agents? By being talented? Yes, but not only! How do you think a player agent can spot you if you have no visibility while you are the best player in your country? Your visibility will be your key to your future agent.

And because you are your actual product, you have to sell yourself as well as possible!


Be certain to be a little star


Appear in the press online

Definitely the most crucial step. Being present in the Chinese press gives increased visibility on the one hand, but also makes your credibility in China. Indeed, if you do not exist in the Chinese press, then you are only a little amateur who isn’t serious.

It is the basis of all career-building in China, even sports. And yes, unlike the West, appearing there is essential!


-Open a WeChat account

The Chinese Facebook, with its one billion daily users, will allow you to broadcast videos, images, texts and other types of content at an incredible speed.

More concretely, here is what you should do if you are looking for a football agent:


The first step in WeChat is to create your official account to gather people who will be interested in what you do, but also to share your content. By feeding your account with content, you will create the equivalent of your CV for your future recruiter. When he will be interested in your profile, you can be sure that he will be glad to see that you already have a WeChat official account and he will go through it to know more about you. So, make sure to keep your account clean and good!


  • WeChat brochure

A WeChat brochure is a simple web page where you can find information about anything and everything. This feature is usually used by brands to introduce new products to Chinese consumers. But why not be original? Use it to make your introduction, show your skills and say loud and clear what you are looking for!


  • WeChat group

Many different types of WeChat groups exist: for fashion, games, skincare products, housing or even studies! There also exist some WeChat groups about sports where you can make contacts and get in touch with professionals! It could be a good step for your first contact. Initiate conversation with your brochure to introduce yourself get in touch with people who could link you to serious opportunities.


-Open a Weibo account show you are quite famous.

Chinese Twitter, with over 500 million daily users. Perfect for delivering marketing content to a large audience too. This platform also makes it possible to use the KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) strategy. By choosing the right KOL, it will give you access to an already well-built fan base that can enjoy your work.

It’s an ideal platform to promote yourself. By creating your official Weibo account and doing a KOL collaboration, you can increase your visibility significantly.


It is thanks to these tools that you will have great visibility for a certain period of time. This will allow agents to see what you are capable of, know who you are and ultimately contact you.


To be sure that your content and your accounts relay the exact image that you want to spread, the GMA team can support you in these processes to draw the maximum potential and thus bring you much better visibility.


Choose your football agent

Whichever method or methods you will have chosen, once you have answers or offers, you will need to choose the right agent.


First, check the liabilities of the agents with whom you have contact. Do they have successful former players? Do they have a license? These are points that can be very important when you know that “intermediaries” or “advisers” pretend to be real players’ agents when they are in reality scammers.


Once the essentials are verified, your list of agents will certainly be reduced and you can then take the remaining offers seriously.


Meet football agents and decide one

Now it’s a question of meeting the last remaining agents to find out who is right for you.

Schedule meetings and prepare the questions you want to ask.

Take more interest in him. How long has he been an agent? Can you see his license? Who did he accompany? Where are they today?

Then discuss about your potential future relationship. Did he understand what level you have? How far can he take you? Will he provide you a physical trainer? What about his commission?

These are just a few examples to guide your interview, but keep in mind that you and your agent may not speak the same language.


That is why being accompanied by the GMA will certainly be your best asset in the search and find your agent in China!

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Do you want to start in China and find this agent who is waiting for you? Do not delay any longer and call us, we will help you make it happen!