Which solutions to work in China?


In this article, we will give ways to find a Job in China when you are a foreigner.


There are many job sites, French or foreign, all are now offering jobs abroad. Websites exclusively dedicated to international jobs have even been developed. In addition, in these websites you will find rather multinationals or companies already operating in China. To find local firms, it will be necessary to visit a Chinese job site, some offer an English version.


How to find work in china

Personal Network

An effective way to find a job is to use their professional network. If you are already active in China, do not hesitate to create contact with other expatriates, they can be a great help. It is important to make a card in English and Chinese. Then it is much easier to find a job by meeting people.

Expatriates Websites

There are many websites, blogs and forums for sharing information and experiences on China, where the majority of Internet users are expatriates. You can find everything on these websites but also jobs or advice on how to proceed in its efforts.

These sites can be very useful, and that any time.


Social networks

Social networks such as LinkedIn are also a way to meet and network with other expats in China, which will also allow you to advance in your quest and / or research.



French companies (or more broadly European) with subsidiaries in China

Many large groups possess a subsidiary in China, and they are likely to agree to the idea of hiring European. It can be very interesting to consult their offers directly on their website or submit an unsolicited application. There are many French parties undertake in China, and in some cases, they can look for new members to help, do not hesitate to seek SMB (Small Medium Businesses) that could be interested in your profile. If you master the Chinese apply to Chinese companies, they are often excited to internationalize their teams.


Work in china

Find a job in China requires patience and perseverance, it will take energy, but the odds are still on your side and your research will eventually lead. The market is competitive and increasingly popular, it is important to stand out. once found employment, do not forget to study the contract in China.

Once this step succeeded. It is an important step in your gait to work in China, and not less. Namely, the work visa. Nowadays obtaining a work visa in China, is more and more complicated. It is Important to learn about this document in order to optimize the chances of obtaining.

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Article proposed by Wei Hsu from INS Consulting