Ecommerce has already become the hottest field in China Internet market. Companies, big and small, flooded into this field. Do you have an idea about who is the most successful one among them?
Taobao, the biggest Ecommerce platform in China?
JD, the biggest online retailor?
YESMYWINE, the biggest B2C wine online seller?
Then the winner is…!!!
China Train Ticket Booking Site, which is headed by the Information Technology Center of the Ministry of Railways, was founded under the approval of the Ministry of Railways (MOR) in February 2002.
It has the most ugly interface ever since the beginning of China Ecommerce.

homepage of 12306

homepage of 12306

Server is simple the contrary to stable.

the reason for break down of 12306

the background of the “traditional” break down of 12306

User experience? It’s very hard to describe, think this way may help: imagine the worst website you’ve ever met, times 10 the anger you got from it, then you can feel what 12306 visitors can feel.

However, 12306 just break one record after another with such a website:
It ranks the first in terms of number of orders;
It has the highest conversion rate;
It is one of the top 100 websites in the world in terms of traffic;
It gets over 5 million visitors everyday…
When you read all this data, you also need to bear this fact in mind that 12306 has NEVER spend any money on advertising.

This article is written only for millions of people dreaming to buy a ticket to go back home on 12306 before the Chinese New Year.