Why Chinese Rich People want to invest Overseas, and Why in Property?



Chinese Investors Are Searching to Invest More in Overseas Real Estate

There is a rising affluent class in China who are making a choice that buys a property overseas. For someone, their savings are not sufficient for buying China’s astronomically expensive properties in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou. Meanwhile, keeping the money sitting in a bank account is also a bad deal. So a lot opt for Europe, United States of America or Emirates.

A long-term investments

More and more of these potential buyers are looking at buying properties for their children sent abroad for education. Not only is it more convenient and safer for their offspring, but it is also an excellent investment once the children finish their studies and the property can be rented out or sold. Most such investors eye the market in Britain, Germany, and France, where the majority of Chinese students in Europe are concentrated, and where the investment conditions and property safety factors are high.

United Kingdom is the choice in Europe


The UK is the primary European destination for Chinese overseas property seekers. Luo Xuesin, the CEO of Juwai.com, the major Chinese online broker for overseas buyers, told Economic Observer that inquiries into Britain’s properties are far greater than those of Germany and France put together. Though the motive for buying is often education related, investment-oriented purchases of buy-to-rent properties surpass purchases for self-occupation in Britain and are the highest among the three European countries.

Brexit did cause potential Chinese buyers to hesitate for a while. But since the beginning of 2018, the market has picked up again. According to Ms. Luo, the peak of Chinese buyers flocking to Britain was between the end of 2016 and the first half of 2017. This year, the trend is rising once again

Thailand is also a Super Hot Destination at this moment.

South Asia is a booming investment Destination for Chinese, because they understand the Culture.


Chinese loves Dubai

From 2002 to 2008, about 7013 investors and buyers, coming from China, made 9640 transactions in the real estate sector, for a value that amounts to well US $ 3.9 billion, as it is issued by Suhaib Shaikh, a local salesman in the industry.

This great interest in the real estate world, in the most famous capital of the United Arab Emirates, derives greatly from two factors. The first comes from the big Chinese project One Belt One Road initiatives, in which Dubai plays an important role. While, the second factor, is the merit of the Arabs who have overcome the competition, through the offer of preferential policies. In fact, by buying a villa in the Dubai area, you can get a 5-year residency visa.

Figures are growing

Chinese investors spent a total of US$39.5 billion on an overseas property last year – an increase of eight percent compared to 2017, according to Colliers International.

The Canada-based global real estate consultant said that China’s outbound property investment pattern has seen a notable shift, with investment in the US dropping by 64 percent year-on-year to US$5.9 billion, while procurement in Asia rose by 34 percent to US$12.5 billion.

China’s investment in European real estate soared by 336 percent to nearly US$19 billion in 2017, mainly due to the China Investment Corporation (CIC)’s takeover of Blackstone’s Logicor, a London-based warehouse property group, for US$14.4 billion. Without the deal, China’s property investment in Europe would have remained stable.

Most Chinese enterprises preferred to invest in undeveloped land, on which they can build apartment blocks, office buildings, and industrial property.

Reach possible Chinese buyers through digital marketing

E-Reputation is a must 

Chinese consumers buy trust. this is the reason why reputation is very important in China. if you want to reach more Chinese consumers in your travel agency, you have to work on your reputation. Chinese consumers are looking for brands or company that have a good image and more visibility; Therefore is important to create social buzz and forums to gauge the reputation of brands. To keep the Chinese as active clients has to promote its image on the right online portals to engage Chinese interest.

Landing a functional page

Having an efficient landing page is important to attract you more possible clients in the real estate world. They just want to do business with you. They must have a good first impression about your company. Therefore, the design must be very clean and tidy, but also professional and smooth. You must be proficient in user experience. You can provide videos, photos, infographics. There are many different ways to succeed in building a great landing page. Moreover, the loading of your landing pages must be very quick, otherwise, your clients will run away. There are often problems with the loading time when it comes to visiting a website in China. Landing page experts will help you to get things right, in order to have new incoming leads every day.


Seo on the Chinese Google Called “Baidu”

  1. When you do not know something, what do you do? You search?
  2. When you need to confirm information, do you use search engine to double confirm what People say?
  3. When you are going to invest a Million Dollars, will you spend 2-3 hours to get more information?


Guess What, Chinese People are THE SAME as you

SEO on Baidu leads to more exposure and traffic. Our team composed of experts optimize your website and the content to deliver SEO results on Baidu. In fact, Baidu is the largest Chinese search engine with 82% of the market. The SEO process is completely different in China, different skills and techniques are required when compared to western search engines like Google. Smart SEO strategy is focusing to create good quality content for potential clients. A company that understands this will have a competitive advantage because they will build up a better online image and reputation. This not only improves visibility but also leads to the Chinese having a strong level of trust in your company, this leads to results.

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Spread words on social media

Chinese social media is very different to western. The secret in Chinese social media is to generate “traffic”. In China, we are expert, and we know how to develop and engage more Chinese citizens.


  •  WECHAT: it is primarily a branding & sales tool when it comes to Real Estate and for the sales process, it is indispensable. Wechat is also very important for your communication because is taking over all the other social media for promoting your brands. It will help you to engage with your customers and create a direct link with them.
  • WEIBO: Weibo is one of the social media’s biggest success stories. Since its launch in August 2009, the Chinese microblogging platform has enjoyed a spectacular growth trajectory. The statistics around this powerful digital communications and marketing channel are truly staggering. Companies must do their homework on Chinese consumers, discovering their likes, motivations, aspirations and the information they want to receive. Doing so can pay big dividends with increased traffic and visibility that could ultimately lead to more sales.


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The importance of GREAT contents

Do not forget the aesthetics and the content. This investor will be more inclined to have contact with your agency if initially, the contents are interesting and visibly aesthetically good looking. The importance of beautiful and correct photos on the real estate market is extreme.



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