Why do people choose us as their Digital Marketing Agency to tap into the Chinese market?

Today I will try to address a fundamental question for the survival of our agency but also for you who read us.

Why do customers choose us over another agency?

That is true! Why? And the day you get to directly answer, totally frankly to this question, you’ve won the game (almost).

There are many digital agencies in China, the small ones (a lot of them) and much larger ones, more important than ours, yet we, Gentlemen are particularly efficient for certain types of clients, and less for others … so why and who are these customers who choose us and trust us.


1/ Entrepreneurs or Brands wishing to launch in E-Commerce.

You may have noticed that we often talk about E-Commerce, Tmall and strategies to acquire traffic … we know very well the sector and our SEO services, SEM, Social Media, etc are well suited to this type of clients who are seeking visibility, traffic on their site, and therefore potential orders.


Knowledge of the Chinese e-commerce sector is a rare skill, and the web landscape is so different from what we find in Europe or the United States. In many countries, the majority of actors will choose to internalize resources to improve performance, while in China, it is the opposite. Having external specialists is often the best way to take off in the hyper competitive world of e-commerce.


2/ Specialists of Google SEO that are looking to adapt their strategy on Baidu

Another type of client that suits us well, are all SEOs who want to bring up their website on Baidu. Generally, this type of person will research know-how, experience, good advice and a good value for money that we are 100% able to provide. Our medium size allows us to be flexible on prices and efficient, the SEO knowledge of our employees are on top of what is found in foreign agencies in China. There are very few “Chinese SEO” specialized companies, really specialized (not those that are dealing in all kind of activities).


3/ Cosmetics or Fashion brands seeking to raise their notoriety online.

Among French or International brands, many know that the battle is played on the Internet and the Chinese women target spends much of his time online on social networks, like WeChat, Meilishuo, Weibo, forums … it is important for a brand to have a digital presence in a country where 80% of consumers are connected to the web.

Why do these brands want to work with us?

Great question…

I think we are an agency that are focused on visibility unlike other agencies that put forward the image. Then we cover a large part of social networks and online feminine magazine that consumer is looking in these brand. It is also highly important to understand our customers’ customers, their online habits, where they are informing themselves… We are are the top digital advertisement agency in Shanghai, so we have a pretty good vision in this field.

Here is the kind of graphics we publish in order to really show our expertise.


4/ Tourism market actors that are looking to attract Chinese tourists.

We regularly publish articles about the world of tourism … it is not casual, a big part of our customers are involved in the tourism industry, hotels, tour operators, shops looking to attract tourists to offer them their services or to sell souvenirs (luxury). Chinese people have really discovered the trip abroad in recent years and are more and more discovering the world.

The decline of the euro, the democratization of individual trips and generational change led to the abroad travels of more than 150 million Chinese every year, and 80% of them use internet before going. Airfares, looking for good advice, hotels reservation, to call a local agency or simply a guide to know the other travellers advice about sights to see and restaurants to try.

Tourism stakeholders generally prefer to deal directly with Chinese travellers and digital allows this. Very few agencies have a strong understanding of the online habits of Chinese, and we are recognized for our expertise in this field. We offer a range of affordable services … and I think that’s why a large number of tourism actors are interested in our services.

Chinese tourist

5/ International brand wishing to outsource digital

Another type of companies that use our services are those who used to benefit from the services of a Chinese collaborator or employed an intern, and it didn’t gave them satisfaction. It is difficult from France to find a Chinese employee, who has a knowledge of the Chinese Digital market.


Many think that because a person has a Chinese nationality and uses Weibo every day, the person is able to manage a digital campaign … while it’s difficult. A Chinese employee (or French) must gain experience, working methods, analytical and reflective skills allowing him to optimize resources to reach the target. There are in China, a workforce shortage in the area of ​​Marketing and Digital, this may seem odd in a country with so many people, but there is no Chinese or Business School or Marketing School. Then, internet has exploded recently and all the big names of the Digital world are working for web giants or for major brands.


Having a 3-year experience in Community management is the maximum that one can find in the market because this business was born with Weibo.Having 5 years of experience in e-commerce is impossible to find nowadays, those who have that much experience are self-employed and opened one or more e-shops.



There are probably other profiles of people who are interested in our expertise but it is primarily on those slots that we are the best performers. I think that when an agency can identify its strengths and find its positioning, it becomes a lot clearer for everyone (for its employees and its customers).

Targeting for anything and everything, is, in my opinion, a bad strategy for a small structure, and it is better to segment its market and focus 100% on these strengths. What do you think?


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Olivier VEROT
Marketing to China