One of the biggest news in Ecommerce is Taobao forbidden shoppers on Taobao from using WeChat QR code and stop all the functions of WeChat on Taobao. It announces the end of Wechat marketing on Taobao. The reason Taobao gave for its action is to protect Taobao users from safety problems and harrasment.

It sounds so reasonable that it’s hard to realize the fact that WeChat is the one to take the responsibility if problems happened on WeChat. As the major competitor of Wechat, Taobao will be more glad to see its competitor suffer the reproach from the public if Wechat is really unsafe as Taobao said. As a result, all the Wechat marketers on Taobao are kicked off all of a sudden.


However, compared with other SNS that bring Taobao traffic, Wechat is still lucky. Right after Taobao broke up with Wechat, Meilishuo and Mogujie, the two SNS with ecommerce focus on Taobao, are also wiped off from the list of Taobao. Users can’t get access to Taobao from those two websites easily any more. And now, these two sites have no choice but to develop their own ecommerce platforms.


Homepage of Mogujie

Taobao suddenly turns a stiff face to all the SNS.

In fact, those companies should be aware about Taobao’s action when Taobao launched its own SNS, WeTao. It means Taobao has realized the importance of SNS to today’s Ecommerce in China and determined to grab all the opportunities in his own hands. Associating with a recent news that Taobao is in negotiation with Sina weibo for cooperation, you can understand how important now SNS is in Taobao’s eyes. And for companies who want to enter ecommerce market in China, it’s also a strong signal that SNS has already been regarded as the most important platform for future e-businessmen.

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