We all know about the current tragedy hurting China… Coronavirus or recently called COVID-19.

Close to 60,000 confirmed cases, 16000 suspected, 1368 death and luckily 6000 recovered.


A dark time of our own, a dark time for our home…


In today’s article, we’ll talk about business, management, and more importantly about life and people.

Today, we’ll see how to sustain ourselves, as both human beings and business entities, during the Pandemic situation.

Time to Panic…

People are scared out there. A deadly virus is running around a 1.4 billion people’s country. And while medias spread the panic and misinformation, some work under the shadow and fight for lives. Some do not even hesitate to give their own for us… big thought to Doctors Liang Wudong (62) and Li Wenliang (33).

Heroes from the shadow.   


But looks like it’s easier to show videos of sick people falling down in the street rather than doctors and patients spreading their hope and joy while dancing in hospitals. Close to 6000 peoples recovered from the virus. Recently, a young child of 2 years old and an elder of 91 years old. They made it but very few talked about it.

When paying attention to media sometimes, we may just wonder “Should I stay or should I rock the casbah?”. It Looks like we’re living in dark ages, with people going after each other and forgetting any form of kindness and compassion. Like if we get no past to teach us the right path…

  • Spreading panic, making buzz. People buy sensation, so they supply emotions.
  • History showed us.
  • Divide people and grow fear, they’ll buy guns.
  • Divide people and spread hate, they’ll buy words.



Panic is a business and we’ll see now 3 ways how it can be used

Stage 1: Panic = to buy

When people get scared, survival instinct goes on stage. That’s natural. We all want to survive and protect our lovers. Considering that love is one of the most powerful motion is the world. Also, let’s keep in mind that purchasing decision is first emotional, then rational. Everybody has at least once in his life buy something and later on wonder why he did so…

Fear is a powerful motion. It could convince people to buy guns (in case of an attack), food and oil (in case of penury), vaccines and medicines (in case of diseases). Currently, the demand for masks has reached over 200 million masks a day… (and it’s totally understandable. Keep safe guys! Keep your mask)

Stage2: Panic = recession

Many companies and countries have experienced it recently. Looking at the British Chamber of Commerce in China, 97% of British businesses in China have experienced a negative impact on their operations from the virus, with the majority of them (54%) experiencing a significant negative impact.

And the current crisis speaks for itself. No more air traffic, everybody staying at home in quarantine meaning no restaurant/ gym/ cinema/ shopping/ etc. The entire system gets almost shut down.

Stage3: Panic = higher ROI

It’s a basic of investment. The riskier your investment, the higher may be your return on investment. And considering the current situation: most companies are afraid of operating with china at the moment, they panic. While in the meantime, even though the system may have slowed down a bit, companies are still operating. So, imagine entering a market in which there are a lot of demands and you’re the only one to answer it?


Extreme Management.

Running a business is not always an easy task (maybe more correct to say “never an easy task”, but anyway. Won’t be that funny if everybody could do it). Companies are often confronted with extreme situations due to different factors such as political, ecological, economical, etc. So many factors are able to jeopardize an entire organization.

But the human being has in its entire wisdom developed the ability to adapt to any change regardless of the level of uncertainty. We’re talking here about flexibility and adaptability as key elements of the surviving principle.

Whether you’re an individual or a manager, you’ll face difficulties and extreme situations all along with your life. Adaptability is important when facing such a situation, but anticipation is even more important to avoid these situations. Following that, it will be important to develop a strong strategy without neglecting the operational process

To do so, companies have to change. And as scary as it may sounds, it will be a requirement to survive. In some cases, it may even mean to quite the Market economy and tend toward a Knowledge economy based on an innovation strategy.

Innovation strategy that could be focus on different factors such as technological, sociological, financial…

As you understood, the purpose here is to try not to be another brick in the wall. Evolution is the key.



Mei Cai, a wholesale online platform for restaurants and hotels. Which during this epidemic period, meaning no more hotel and restaurants opened, decided to participate in a Nation-wide effort while offering B2C services. Indeed, they changed their business model in order to allow personal orders for families. With their strong delivery capacity, own production centers, and storage facilities, they adapted themselves to the current context, help people and survive.

Hospitals are completely overbooked nowadays in China, therefore they launched online doctors’ services with the possibility for individuals to register online and describe their symptoms which allow the first selection between people that contracted coronavirus and the other regular diseases.


In concrete, what can you do?

At first, be human.

You may be worried about your sales and future turnover but you won’t get anything while being greedy here. One step at a time.

Calm down and show your love and support to your clients, partners, and employees. Communicate with people. Loyalty is an important factor for any company whether it’s at a microeconomic or macroeconomic level. And whatever you’ll do, people will remember it.

As an example, Pakistan has been given a LOT of masks to China recently. And it was probably not expected, but a Pakistani Student doing his PhD in China got some fees offered by a professor in the response to Pakistan support. Both the student and the professor were not responsible for it, but the support has been so heartwarming than this happened.


Spread the good, like a boomerang it’ll come back to you one day. (There’s some Karma around here…)



Every company is rated on its performance, so ask yourself:

how to grow while bringing value to people in this dark period?

Take time to optimize your finance and prepare your budget, search for new strategies to increase your leads in China, prospects future clients and partners.

China is a very strong and dynamic country. People are tough, proud and be sure that the economy will bounce back and will lead to fast recovery once this will be over.


Some recommendation from Dolores, the future of GMA:

“If you’re in the health sector, it’s a great time for you to publish educational content about taking care of yourself and your family. People are receptive to this kind of information because they are realizing now more than ever how important it is.

If you’re in the tourism industry, prepare yourself for the high season of tourism. Teach travelers about the best place to visit, the best and worst practices when traveling, how to keep safe, places to avoid, etc. Make them feel secure. Make them dream forward.

If you’re in the F&B industry, teach people about the importance of food safety standards, food origins, healthy recipes, etc. Use online tools to educate them in a fun way how they can use your products.

Entertainment, wellbeing and beauty sectors and so on… People need to relax and take care of themselves while being stuck at home. Teach them how to keep the head out of the water and enjoy simple things of life: meditation, yoga, work-out, skincare routine, video-games, etc…”


The industrial age is nearly over and we’re now in the data age. The “new renaissance”. You can bring so much value to people through digital tools at the minimum costs. Whether it’s about boosting your business or stretching your product/service line, everything is possible. And unlike natural resources… data is infinite.

Important notice:

All that digital stuff is still new for you and you play it old-school? that’s ok. We won’t judge. But let’s be serious, if looking for real results use this period to get back on track. Competition is not at its top at the moment it’s, therefore, the perfect time to set up yourself on every Chinese social media.

Developing your company through digital tools is awesome, especially over here. It can help you to achieve real miracles for your business (oui oui).


China’s digital world is still complicated and you don’t

know how to proceed online?

Here’s what you can do:

  • Develop a new website and share information about your company/yourself

It needs to be in Chinese with a Chinese domain name. Plus, we recommend you to adapt your website features to the local market. Due to cultural differences, their design is usually different than ours.

  • Open a Weibo account, and maximize Exposure on Weibo with Native Ads and KOL

It’s like the Chinese Twitter. Most popular social media in China, it’s also an excellent platform to develop a KOL strategy. If you plan to target a large audience and engage with your customers, Weibo is a must-do.

More information about weibo Marketing

  • WeChat: interact with your community, launch mini-games

WeChat is like the Chinese Facebook. Everybody uses it in China. A great messenger APP that also gets a “moment” system allowing people to share content (messages, pictures, videos) and personal feedback. Through this app, people use “WeChat groups” to communicate solutions about their problems and therefore recommending brands or products. Not very efficient for direct advertisement but a super tool for community management and building engagement. You can also create your own groups through the APP.

More information about WeChat Marketing

  • Baidu: The Chinese Google

Phillips ranking first on Baidu for air purifiers

Having a Chinese website is good, but not enough. They don’t trust corporate communication… So, understand here that before buying anything, they’ll search for information about the product or the brand. It can be reviews, comments about something specific, forums, or general research to solve a problem they may have.

More information about Baidu SEO 

  • Douyin Tik Tok: spread some fun!

A short video sharing app growing very fast among young generations. It’s the perfect app to generate content and spread it to a wide audience. More intuitive and fun than WeChat and Weibo, this app is also an amazing tool for KOL. On this app, companies can get access to a commercial account allowing online sales and advertisement. But to use this one, you’ll need a Chinese business license…




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