His fortune is estimated at 26 billions of dollars. Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba was until recently, the richest man in China, but has been overtaken by Li Hejun. He is the CEO of Hanergy, a group specialized in renewable energy. Renewable energies are a new sector that is booming in China.

Renewable energies are profitable

Li Hejun, Magnat of the Renewable energy industry, richest man in China

Li Hejun, Magnat of the Renewable energy industry, richest man in China

Some sectors are more profitable some others. For example we know that new technologies and real estate are to very profitable sectors. Jack Ma was the richest man in China until not so long, and created Alibaba, an e-commerce website. Its fortune was valued at 24, 5 billion dollars. Wang Jianlin is the CEO of the Dalian Wanda Group the largest real estate developer in China, and was one of the richest man in China by owning 25 billion dollars. A new rank has been established: Li Hejun, Wang Jianlin and then Jack Ma. Li Hejun is not known by the public like the two other are. He founded Hanergy and knew a surprising evolution. Li Hejun is from Guandong province and begun to earn a living in the electronics devices before he get interested by hydroelectric equipment. It was his first step in renewable energies. Then he begun to get interested by green energies as wind power and sun power. He wanted to created technologies that allows to use solar panels less expensive that everything we can already find on the market. The shares’ company have risen 550 per cent. He was also helped by investors from Mainland china who bought for 50.7 million dollars of his company shares.


Earning money by helping China

China is the second most polluted country in the world behind the United States. Pollution has become a great issue these last years, and the government like every other in the world is seeking for solution to reduce its pollution. 500 million people were affected by a big smog event last year. Hanergy is present on a lot of fields: it has solar panels, and also hydroelectric dams. It has the biggest dam in the world located in Yunnan. Li Hejun also desires to make electric cars. Indeed, there are 154 million cars in China. This number is not huge compared to the number of people in China, but only 70000 of these cars are electric. China decided to have 5 million electric cars by 2020and help companies to produce some. So renewable energy is the field to be these days in china, and Li Hejun get that quite fast. He will present this fall 5 cars that are working thanks to solar power. They have an autonomy of 100 kilometres and will be fully recharged in four hours. He is also going to do a partnership with Tesla’s CEO Elan Musk to design and make a network of chargers in China. For him, there will be 20 million cars in the world by 2020.


Renewable energy has a great potential in China at the time when Chinese have become increasingly aware of the impact of pollution on the quality of their lifestyle. Just as they yearn for much better food and so buy more imported food whenever they can, they will be more and more willing to make environment friendly purchases.

The environmental market is exploding and has a lot of potential, Li Hejun is a pioneer but has not taken over the whole market. This has a lot of niche markets that can be exploited to let very profitable ventures thrive.

How to attract customer in the renewable energy industry

In B2B you may want to target very polluting companies that are the first targeted by the government temporary but highly restrictive measures or companies whose SEO have become more sensitive to these matters for different reason (hurts their business to have polluted environment, core values…)

In B2C you need to show how you can improve Chinese life.

Both cases you need to use :

In B2B you will be more oriented toward SEO and PR

In B2C you will have to build yourself a community of users through community management and the good use of IWOM and KOL.

We can help you deliver the right message to the right target to increase your sales in this market.

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