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How do we help you to promote your Wine in China?

The wine in China has a very long history since from 2,000 years ago. Thanks to the influence of western eating and drinking habits, the wine market is growing so fast in China. Wine is now becoming the favorite drink of the wealthy millennial Chinese, and the favored drink of China’s elites.

Consulting Chinese Market

We give an overview of our client’s current competitors in China.


Management of the registration of your products on Chinese E-commerce Platforms.

Distribution Consulting

We can help your fast moving consumer goods flourish in China


WeChat marketing

We Develop your Wechat Visibility and Engagement of your Community


Social media marketing

We build a strong brand image thanks to a social branding strategy.

Sales Representative

We can help you to have an import/export license

Consulting Chinese MarkeT

The understanding of the Chinese wine market is fundamental for the future development and success of our client. The goal of the market research is to collect as much quality information as possible from all professionals in the field of wines in China. The purpose of this phase is to give an overview of our client’s current competitors in China. Through extensive research in both the public and private domains we were able to gather extensive information on wine promoters. Our experts synthesized all the information gathered about Wines in China through a detailed analysis of the market, providing our client with vital information in pursuing his development in China.

WeChat marketing


Actually, WeChat is becoming the number one Marketing Channel for local and international Companies in China. Every Business in China has to perform on WeChat Marketing. Wechat is obviously the most popular and useful mobile app in China, with over 863 million active users for both their personal and professional life. But the trend changed, Wechat has very cleverly developed an abundance of ways in which companies and brands can use it to help their businesses thrive.


WeChat Followers Acquisition and Engagement isn’t easy but not impossible. WeChat Campaigns are the most effective way to increase engagement in China on the country’s number one social media tool. Develop your Wechat Visibility and Engagement of your Community is the key.



China is the world’s largest and fastest-growing e-commerce market, with more than 900 Internet users. There are a lot of opportunities, however, is becoming difficult for consumer-facing companies as e-commerce penetration rates in high-tier cities especially in the online-to-offline space.

We can provide you more advice on how to identify relevant groups, how to share content, etc.

Social media marketing




There is No Facebook, No Twitter, and No YouTube in China. There are so many companies that don’t have access to China’s booming social-media space because of the difference between those of Western markets. Understanding this landscape is vitally important for anyone trying to engage Chinese consumers. Social media is a massive phenomenon in China more than other countries, including the United States. China has definitely the world’s most active environment for social media.

The main goal of our agency is to use these social media efficiently to build a strong brand image thanks to a social branding strategy and to improving and keeping your reputation.


Distribution Consulting

GMA Distribution & Logistics offers the best distribution consulting in China. With over 7 years of experience in the Chinese market. Our distribution consulting can help your fast moving consumer goods flourish in the growing Chinese market.

Our team has good experience in the marketing and distribution of food and beverages with special expertise in imported water, beer, tea and coffee, spirits and ready-to-drink beverages. Other domain of expertise includes health care and beauty care products, general household goods, toys, electronic products, clothing, and fashion.

Marketing to China it's also an Agency

We are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

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Case Studies


The French Cellar  imports French wines directly from reputable vineyards. All the wines are delivered with wine tasting notes, written by their prestigious sommelier for Chinese consumers to learn more about the wines, winemakers and local culture & geography in France.


  • E-Reputation
  • Ranking on Baidu


  • SEO
  • PR
  • Community Management


  • Exposure to 1 million people
  • 25 events
  • 50% of keywords on 1st page


Fancycellar , is an online shop selling Wine in China.

Our Work:

  • Buzz on Video
  • Launch of the Brand via PR

Wine Spirit

Wine Spirit is a alcohol distributor online. They sell wine, sake and so on online. They have its own alcohol e-Commerce website. Consider the increasing needs of wines in Chinese market, they decided to develop Chinese e-commerce wine market through Gentlemen Marketing Agency.



  • +200% traffic