With this potato chip, you are the king


Many people complain that life is unfair to them. Now there’s a brand of potato chips stands out to solve their problems. And they make two videos to prove that.

The Ads of the potato chip

In this video, the potato chips in the guys hand just becomes something like the magic “Aladdin’s lamp”. The girl becomes beautiful after he bites the potato chips.

new type of food product ads

potato chip ad

Even the ceiling falls down on the two thugs bothering them when the girl bites the potato chips. Just bite their potato chips, you can get everything like beautiful girl and power to fight against thugs.

Like the previous one, this one’s tells a story about how a normal girl can win over those material girls who live in unearned idleness. And it’s very easy, just bite their potato chips!

People’s Reaction

From the comment, we can see these ads have gained the wide appraise and understanding among people.

@赵叶思宇: 笑得我伤口通。。。哈哈
(So funny, it makes me feel pain in the scar.)

@包包_zhl: 自力更生才是王道~让干爹去屎吧~!
(earn oneself own life is the key, let those who live in idleness go to hell~!)

@咕叽咕叽: 好有爱的广告。。哈哈哈哈哈哈。。。
(what a lovely ads…hahahah…..)

Culture in the Ads

contrast of the holiday of Diaos and rich people

contrast of the holiday between rich people and Diaos

To dig deeper in the culture, you will also see that the ads show the pop culture of young people in China: “屌丝” (literally penis thread, Diaos, or Diao Si Culture). With the big gap between rich and poor people, those poor netizens labeled themselves short, poor and ugly. And it echoes in many people’s heart. And this year, the new trend of this culture is to fight for a better life, which is also called the “counter attack of Diaos”. And those ads just made in the right time.

The counter attack of Diaos

The counter attack of Diaos

These two potato chip ads obviously cater for the craze of “counter attack of Diaos”.
From this case, you can also see that food product brands in China don’t only focus on taste or package but also pop culture.