Web Agency better than “do it in house”?

Nowadays users online need to feel safe and to trust the website they are visiting. That is why the design, the ergonomy and the advertises are really important in order to convert them into prospects/current customers.

A website without optimized content, graphism or none intuitive process will scare visiters and potential Chinese customers

So the goal of conversion customers and give them a good feeling is to have a well designed site with a strong identity. Nowadays, the basics is to have a responsive website (Responsive Design).

Like a physical shop, the e-commerce is a great tool to communicate in the digital world where customers spend a lot of time.

For doing such a well build website it is important to have the support of a Web Agency which exactly know how the Web works and how to fulfill e-business owners’ needs.

Building a website need skills in Content Marketing, SEO, SEA, SEM, Branding, CRM, Community Management and so on.


SEO in China… difficult but profitable ! 


The goal of the Search Engine Optimization is to provide to the website more traffic and qualified users also. For doing this, the agency target different high value keywords for your business that is directly linked to the core of your business. For example if you are selling fashion bags of different colors, it is important that users find you when they are searching « bags », « bags fashion » or a specific brand. By doing so, your website will have a good ranking and will be at the top of the search page which is called the « Golden Triangle ».

Baidu is a difficult Search Engine and need experts.


SEA PPC Fast results in China


To appear on top location on Baidu : You Pay . By a system of bidding, advertisers bid to acquire spaces where they will put their advertise and touch directly their customers.

There are two main advantages to use SEA :

  • Increasing your visibility by being present on very popular and used requests / keywords.
  • It is also an « easy » way to acquire visibility in few time because to acquire visibility with SEO for example needs a lot of time and hardwork.



SEM  in China

The Search Engine Marketing regroup the two forms of presence on the browsers which are the commercial links (SEA) and SEO. So mathematically it can be represented like :



Branding in China : important, long term strategy


The Marketing Branding is the ability to manage a brand and especially its image and notoriety. The resulting actions are a set of marketing action and advertisement in order to make the brand known by the consumers. The point of this marketing domain is not as short terme one with immediat return. It is more a medium and long term strategy in order to be present in the consumers’ brain (behavior, image and notoriety).

Community Management (in China)


The Community Management (CM) is a domain from the marketing which consist in managing and federate a community around a company, a brand, a product, society or even a celebrity. The support for that kind of communication is the social network like Facebook, Twitter, Wechat… The goal is to maintain a direct interraction between the brand and the customers.


So the point of a digital agency in China is to guide you in the digital communication of your website in order to increase its visibility, catch and convert as many users as possible.

The webmarketing is used for your all e-business strategy in general and improve the visibility and the brand’s image. A Web Agency help you to reach your KPI (Key Performance Indicators) like increasing the sales, convert more users, increase your visibility, make your customer engage to your brand…

Communicate on Internet needs time and an efficient Web Agency. For example, the agency have to find to good keywords in order to be sure that your customers, prospects or suspects will find you, that is the part of the SEO which is one of the many tasks that the agency can do with its expertise. With different Analytics tools it will be easy for you to know if the Agency is doing the right things or not. If the work is done, the traffic will improve.

More and more solutions rise every year but if you need to do the right things for your e-business, professionnals is the best investment you can do because they always work by targeting your problems, solving them and always take in consideration the ROI (Return On Investment).


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