Located in Thames Town, The Zhongshuge-Hangzhou library is nominated by fans on Chinese social media as the most beautiful and impressive library.


Extending on more then 1000 square meters and separated on nine unique-themed rooms, the bookstore has been designed by studio XL MUSE Architectural Design.

Nearly RMB 10 million was spent on the transformation of an empty building into this futuristic books labyrinth.

The whole atmosphere is unique, between Eastern and Western elements, in Thames Town, a British-style village and it is designed in the basis of ancient Chinese urban planning.

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Zhongshu bookstore has nearly 50.000 books, with even foreign language books.

You can find books everywhere, between the artfully placed mirrors, beside the glass floor or the white cloudy monochrome spaces. They have also designed a kids area.


The bookstore is a piece of art that made print media start living again, specialy designed as a peaceful and impressive place to read books, to meditate and to get lost in the secret spaces waiting to be discovered. This is the paradise of readers and artists.


Zhongshu Books’ reputation has spread online and became very known through social media for its unique beauty.


And no worlds can describe the manificence of the place, so here are some pictures of the bookstore.

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