Top worst advices in SEO for Baidu

Instead of giving you good advice, I decided today to give you wrong directions. What do you need to do to fail your SEO in China?

Just use Google!

Doing SEO on Google, as what it was done 2 years ago!

Google has 4% of the market shares today, so will fail 96% of the searches if you just use Google. There is a good chance that Google is not stable in China.


Have a website only in English

Thinking that the Chinese are doing research in English or speaking fluently in English is a big mistake.

Having a multi-language website is mandatory!A website in simplified Chinese is really important in China to have visibility and be referenced by search engines Chinese like Baidu or Qihoo.

No Updates!

Not having a regularly updated is very penalizing for SEO on Baidu. Baidu appreciates websites that update their information and content constantly.

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No Onsite optimization

Not having onsite optimization is very detrimental for a website in China. As for Google, the website must be fast, clear and must have a sitemap and meta-description … well having the full range of easy-to-read website for a search engine.


No quality backlinks!

For Baidu, only low quality backlinks are relevant. Please, do not hesitate to do spam!

BE CAREFUL! This advice might have been true two years ago but is no longer present!! To be visible, a website must have quality websites that mention it.

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Emphasize more quality backlinks than quantity!

” Focus on the quality backlinks ”

Baidu is not like his Google colleague, the amount of backlinks is always very important and represents a decisive factor.

This will probably change, it started but it would take several updates from Baidu to reach this objective!

For other search engines like Qihoo and Sogou, it is almost the same operations. 

Get quality content and very long!

As you could think, there is no need to have long content for Baidu, because he doesn’t read all the text.

A text of 300 words is enough. Amazing but true!

Social links are very important for Baidu

It is true that we must define what a social link is. But from what I know from our tests is that the links of Weibo, Wechat and most of the social networks do not influence the results.

If Google takes into account likes, comments, retweets etc. … Baidu is not yet at this step, except for its own website networks like Baidu zhidao, Baike, and Baidu Tieba.

Having the most complete titles!

Page titles are extremely important for Baidu, but the more you do, the more you will confuse the message!

Better to have fairly short titles to facilitate the positioning.


Optimizing URLs, it saves positions!

For SEO for Baidu, the URL has no influence. Having beautiful URL in pinyin accounts for Google but on Baidu there is zero impact yet. For the user, it is better to have nice and clean URL than extended URL.

Many well-known Chinese websites even do not use simplifications or optimization URL title.

Example on the leading information website in China: Sina!

Http:// # 124775604


No need to control your content and your outbound links!


It is very important to control your publications and outbound links not to be punished by Baidu. The links to pornographic websites, anti-government websites and scammers ones will be punished, as well as the use of certain words.

Each year, Baidu (like Google or other search engines) punishes news websites that allow you to publish information on companies that rip off customers.


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