An iPhone for a Xiaomi

After the huge success of the new high-end mobile Xiaomi Mi Note and Xiaomi Mi Note Pro, Xiaomi is developing a trade-in program with Apple. They wish to expand their market on telephones very quickly. Xiaomi was until now only known in China, but will be soon known by the rest of the world.

Xiaomi said that if we want to change our phone, in a perfect shape or not, we would receive in return a Xiaomi Mi Note mobile without paying anything. Those who have an iPhone 6 and want to trade it we receive the new Xiaomi Mi Note Pro. So these are very exciting news for Xiaomi and iPhone users who want to change their mobile.


Is it a good deal?

One condition, your telephone has to work. But exchanging an iPhone 6 for a Xiaomi can be a waste of money because the iPhone was just released and is far more expensive than the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro. So we have to think about it before doing the exchange.

The Xiaomi Mi Note Pro has a big touch screen with 4GB of RAM. He also has a performant processor while the Xiaomi Mi note has a less performant processor and only has 3 GB of RAM. So it’s a very big move by Xioami Company. Let’s see if that affects their sales or not and if they attract iPhone users more than before.


Strategically speaking, Xiaomi played it smart here. By having people exchanging Iphone for a Xiaomi they may potentially remove part of the Iphone available on the market while having Chinese discover the brand they otherwise would have overlooked since Xiaomi is not seen as prestigious as Apple or Blackberry for instance. It doesn’t give as much face. With this buzz, they get the chance to bypass this problem and appeal to the Chinese sensitivity to prices. Bottom line : they increase their brand awareness in China. Nice move from Xiaomi, let’s see how it goes. We will keep you updated on this