It’s no secret that Chinese tourists really love France and they especially come to Paris for spending money in luxury shops and Boutique. Unfortunately, actually with the yellow vests situation, these stores are closed so tourists can not visit them anymore.

Since three weeks, every Saturday, the French capital lives to the rhythm of the yellow jackets protests and its many consequences including economic for traders and tourism professionals. This is the case for the “Gourmet restaurant Le Laurent”, located near the the Champs-Elysée. Once again, the director of the restaurant decided not to open this Saturday afternoon for fear of being attacked by the breakers. “As we are closed to the Champs-Elysees, we can’t open the restaurant, and won’t be able to serve our guests and some bookings are also being canceled”, explains a commercial restaurant.

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Chinese Tourists are scared

Most of tourists in France are Chinese and their passage by Le Laurent is a tradition in the loop of tourist circuits. But recently, some french tour operators had changed their plans to ensure the safety of Chinese tourists. However, every year there are over 900 000 Chinese tourists who go to Paris with an average budget of 1.088 euros, a third is devoted to shopping. Their favorite stores: Galeries Lafayette. This Saturday, for security reasons, the doors will remain closed. A certain shortfall that it is still difficult to quantify. Many Chinese tourist groups will take the direction of the shopping center of Val Europe to do their shopping.

Bad news for Parisian tourism professionals,because Chinese tourists are scared. “With what happened last week, our customers are still scared,” said a bodyguard of these Chinese tourists. All hope that the situation improves in order to save the busy month of December at this festive time.

Video of the French breakers went viral in China


It’s mainly the Chinese clientele who always asks some questions. However, dinner at Laurent’s, is a must of the Parisian trip. Usually, small groups of wealthy tourists fill every Saturday evening the large room overlooking the garden or the small golden private rooms. “But since November, we have between 50 and 70% cancellation,” says one of his representatives. The blame for images broadcast on Chinese TV channels or Chinese social networks.

All this situation has a very negative impact on The tourism in France, especially since Paris already has a bad reputation with the Chinese public because of delinquency and the terrorists attacks. Every year, around 900,000 Chinese tourists are welcomed in Île-de-France. More than 600,000 are hosted in hotels in Paris or in the suburbs, overwhelmingly in groups. It is very difficult to make an initial assessment, but there is a very negative feeling among hoteliers,” says Hamid Kamil, director of promotion and business customers of the CRT.

Some Chinese tourists groups are protected more than usual. Friday 7, the beginning of the protests, buses of tourists continued to flock the district of the Opera and department stores. Rue de Provence, closed to the Galeries Lafayette entrances, a handful of young Chinese fashionistas rush into a restaurant. A man in a black jacket, with square shoulders and a hard look, brings them one by one into the room. “With what happened last week, our customers are all scared,” says the bodyguard who watches closely that none of his protected remains isolated in the street.

Fortunately for these professionals, it is not yet the peak season. Chinese tourists usually arrive in the second half of December. The most crucial month of the year for Parisian traders.
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