Youku Tudou was once known for the sale of Hollywood movies and soap operas from South Korea in an illegal manner. However they have since moved on to better pastures as piracy is not only dangerous, it is not necessarily good money either. So while they are the market leaders in the online video market with legal licenses today, they have today registered profits from the business. In fact in their change of tracks they today actually scour the market for pirated content and ensure that they are dealt with severely.


Declaration of Lu Changjun

The head of the police squad of Youku Tudou, Lu Changjun says that new technology keeps entering the market and it is difficult to track pirated videos. Several other companies like Baidu and and Tencent are all in the fight to curb piracy. Today piracy is not as popular as it used to be since viewers are able to watch legally streamed content with better resolution instead of grainy video that is the norm in the illegal versions. The intellectual property rights and enforcement in China has never been very well established leading to many a dispute with countries like the United States.

Most of China accesses the internet via tables and Smartphones. And there are apps where they can even do away with the advertisements in the process and so more and more people are going forward with legal videos and doing away with piracy completely. The habits of users are changing too and no one today looks to even buy a pirated DVD since after all you can download the same thing legally in a matter of a few minutes and you can enjoy the video streaming with clarity and none of the worries of it landing you in trouble.


We can not watch the last movies of TV series  🙁


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