Not easy to compete with the big agribusiness groups is a young brand. Chinese consumers are distinguished by their international reputation, and yet! Settling in China can be at your fingertips. It is a bet to take knowingly.

From the label to the aspects to put forward on your package, this article proposes to guide you for a better implementation of your brand in China.

China has created its own organic label

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China does not recognize foreign organic labels. To counter fake organic productions, it has created its own organic label which is the only one recognized in the country. To check if a product is really organic, just go to the official website which lists all certified organic farms. These farms are listed by a unique 17-digit crop number.

The question of fake bio is indeed worrying. It is easy in China to claim organic production: a producer can, for example, obtain the label for a type of vegetable from his production but extend his label to all his production, or receive the label for one year, then stop production on expensive bio but continue to exploit his label. It is therefore very difficult for consumers to know which national production to rely on! This is why products imported from abroad – although very expensive – are so successful.

Obtaining an international label may be of value to informed consumers, for the others your product may drown in the mass of fake labels. Getting the Chinese label can give you more visibility.

Pollution-free and less fertilizer

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The other advantage of products grown abroad is the reduced pollution in these agricultural areas and the better controlled use of fertilizers.

The main concern of agriculture in China is the potential heavy metal contamination of agricultural land or the use of chemically polluted water to water the fields, with serious consequences for the consumers health.

We remember videos showing explosive watermelons : these watermelons chemically doped to the point of splitting in two under the fertilizer pressure. Ancient Chinese fairy told it : a peasant wanted to see his rice shoots grow faster and pull them each morning in the hope of accelerating their growth. One day, the shoots faded …

Valuing your foreign production

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A foreign production can highlight its transparency in its mode of cultivation. It must value the purity of its harvest area. If your products have been grown in an area with no air pollution or chemical pollution of surface water, this is a huge asset. It’s always nicer to eat vegetables that have not been contaminated with antibiotic-polluted water, right? Your customers will be convinced too … especially if you remind them of the risks it takes to consume elsewhere than yours !

Unlike consumers in Europe, Chinese consumers do not pay much attention to the respect of animals in the process of preparing meat. But this awakening will surely come soon under the influence of the West. Feel the current coming: put forward your ethic regarding the treatment of animals intended for consumption.

Finally, highlight your national identity if your country is a producer recognized for its expertise in your sector. For example, France has a lot of credit in dairy production. Storytelling has a strong power.

 Make yourself known on Chinese social networks

Your e-reputation will be the key to success on the Chinese market. Chinese consumers like to comment on social networks all their purchases, and particularly follow the KOL, a phenomenon to which we have devoted many articles.

You must use the same social networks as your targeted customers. So you shall not count on your Facebook page or Google, which are blocked in China. Instead of it, you need to start online sales through Taobao and Tmall, then optimize your SEO on Baidu and find ambassadors who will sales your brand on Wechat.

It is likely that most of your production for China goes through e-commerce and not through retail. It is a mode of consumption to which you must already adapt. It is essential that your website be properly updated and reflect the spirit of your business, listing all your production and customer information needed.

Do not neglect the loading time of the pages of your website: the credibility of your company also passes through the flow of your site. A slow page to load will give the image of a company overwhelmed by technology. In a country where every city dweller is hyper connected, it is a major marketing handicap.

 Need help developing your business?

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